Location Aware IoT Platform

Indoor Navigation, Personnel & Asset Tracking,
Geo-Fencing & Proximity Solutions

SPREO offers a cloud-based, location-aware IoT platform
and CMS for enterprise and service providers

SPREO BLE beacon technology enables a competitive alternative to current RFID solutions. Our IoT technology delivers a scalable, agile and cloud-based platform that addresses client requirements for asset & personnel tracking (RTLS), indoor navigation, mapping, geo-fencing, proximity, analytics and more.

SPREO works with Health, Retail, Entertainment,
Transportation and Other Industries.


Our products and services feature:

  • Indoor and Outdoor location and navigation
  • Proximity Notifications
  • Location tracking & sharing
  • Cloud ecosystem with real time dashboards and content management
  • Venue mapping and infrastructure installation
  • Data Analytics
  • Beacon Monitoring and deployment tools

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SPREO’s SaaS-based RTLS uses a combination of Beacons, WiFi and Cloud Ecosystem to determine specific locations of assets (people or equipment) and generates operations reporting.
SPREO’s Real-Time Locating System [RTLS] solution helps enterprises increase operational efficiency and optimize their workforce by providing visibility into the real-time location of assets.


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SPREO wayfinding technology allows people to move through your facilities and campuses with ease and efficiency. Utilizing Spreo’s location technology enables Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding on mobile apps and digital displays.
“Smart Office” Helps employees locate, reserve and navigate to open/unused workstations and conference rooms.


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SPREO provides highly accurate indoor location technology with a variety of features that are building blocks for a wide range of applications to meet the needs of our customers. These include location-based content management, location sharing, GeoFencing and location analytics.



Our customers use SPREO in innovative ways to increase control over operations while simultaneously improving their customers’ experience. Whether its proximity/geo fencing technology, wayfinding and interactive digital kiosks or asset and personnel tracking, SPREO helps companies organize dynamic motion and manage pedestrian flow in ways that enhance the customer experience. Read more about how our clients use SPREO to solve some of their most interesting challenges.  


Spreo wayfinding system, who specializes in indoor navigation, has recently integrated with NoviSign digital signage software to provide a combined solution…



International Speedway Corp and Daytona International Speedway selected Spreo to provide interactive mapping…


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