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By empowering corporate facilities with the latest in location technology, SPREO's centralized mapping engine puts efficiency at the center of your business.

In the modern corporate campus, indoor navigation has become an essential technology, allowing employees and visitors to navigate and find meeting rooms, a workstation or colleagues with ease.

In order to build a truly innovative corporate productivity solution, mapping platforms must easily integrate with enterprise-critical platforms such as resource booking, facility management, meeting scheduling, BI analytics and more.

SPREO opens up wide possibilities to build highly innovative and integrated location-aware enterprise solutions. SPREO’s advanced wayfinding and cloud-based mapping solution supports a wide range of digital touchpoints and industry-leading collaboration tools to boost workspace efficiency and employee experience.


Indoor Mapping Technology

SPREO’s digital maps provides hi-fidelity, interactive experience to mobile users. Cloud-based centralized mapping engine eases administrative workload.

Digital Wayfinding

SPREO’s mapping and self-guided wayfinding with turn-by-turn directions on mobile devices and digital kiosks bring the GPS navigation experience to your indoor campus

Location Positioning

Hardware-agnostic software abstracts complex sensor and indoor positioning inputs to provide precise location in real-time. Works seamlessly with any beacon or Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Universal Integration

SPREO’s SDK provides seamless integration with identity providers, resource booking systems (RBS) and enterprise data sources.

SPREO transforms robust location technology into productive mobile experiences.

  • 3D Interactive Maps
  • Indoor Navigation & Wayfinding 
  • Seamless Outdoor-Indoor Transition
  • Points-of-Interest Directory
  • Location Sharing
  • Centralized Mapping Engine
  • Multi-screens- mobile Devices,  Digital Kiosks and Web
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