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June 2014

SPREO Presents at Tech Startup Showcase in Jersey City

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Steve Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City; Brett Reisman, Director of Marketing of SPREO

Steve Fulop, Mayor of Jersey City; Brett Reisman, Director of Marketing of SPREO

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and the New York Consulate General of Israel Ido Aharoni invited SPREO and seven other promising Israeli companies to present at a tech showcase in Jersey City last week.

SPREO’s indoor navigation system exemplifies the innovative energy of the newest generation of technology, and it was featured in local news source the The impressing attendees and gaining the attention of regional news sources The Jersey Standard and NJ.com. Like many of the other products featured at the showcase, SPREO’s technology originated in Israel.

Avi Sacajiu, CEO of SPREO, described how the navigation system was first used in a hospital in Haifa, Israel, and how it is poised to become an instrumental technology in many venues in the United States. Not only was the high caliber of the startups at the showcase evident, but the dynamic quality of transnational tech is always creative and inspiring.

SPREO was excited by the energy around Israeli technology and happy to present on how our indoor location technology and products to the Jersey City audience. Our technology is not only useful in venues like hospitals and shopping centers; it also provides tremendous value to municipalities and public transportation systems.

Jersey City to host showcase with innovative tech companies

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A group of innovative Israeli startup companies are spearheading the next generation of digital technology.

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and the New York Consulate General of Israel are inviting locals to hear from and meet these New York-based Israeli technology startups at a showcase in Jersey City on June 23.

The event, taking place at 9:45 a.m. at City Hall, will give attendees insight on the companies and how their services can impact local residents.

Speakers at the showcase will include Fulop, Consul General of Isreal in New York Ambassador Ido Aharoni, Chair of NJ-Israel Commission Mark Levenson, and Founder of NJ Tech Meetup Aaron Price.

The showcase at City Hall, located at 280 Grove St., requires attendees to RSVP.

Some information on the companies :

CUPS is a mobile app that provides coffee drinkers with information on independent cafes, including deals at participating coffee shops.

CELLOLO is breaking ground on new technology for live events allowing for a new form of dialogue between an audience and their favorite artists or sports team.

FARMIGO is developing a way for farms to provide their fresh and organic products at an affordable price to communities across the U.S.

GETT is a transportation app for New York City with 24/7 live customer service and clear format for both residents and tourists.

PANGO gives drivers an easy application for paying for street parking, as well as opening their parking garage gates by using their phones as remote controls.

APPCARD allows consumers to make purchases and earn rewards at their favorite stores.

LOYALBLOCKS provides an app that allows local businesses to easily communicate between merchants and customers.

SPREO uses “iBeacons” (Bluetooth low energy beacons) and other sensors to offer indoor navigation services, location based marketing and more.

By Steven Rodas | For The Jersey Journal 
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on June 19, 2014 at 1:18 PM, updated June 19, 2014 at 3:27 PM

iOS 8 – What is Swift Programming Language?

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Regarding Apple’s new iOS 8, we begin by looking at Swift, the new programming language. Future blog posts will focus on Location Services, HealthKit and Home Kit.

Apple has introduced the new versions of its operating systems for desktop (OS-X Yosemite) and mobile (iOS 8) devices.

In general it seams that the focus on these releases is the improvement of connectivity and interoperability, creating an environment in which a user can seamlessly transition an activity from one device to the next within the iOS ecosystem. With this, all user devices are up to date with work done on the other devices. So one can continue work / see any thing started on one device be dynamically updated on an other device.  For example, start an email or phone call on your iPad and conclude it on your iPhone.

For SPREO, there are other new features and aspects that are very interesting. The First is Sprite, a new programming language.


Apple has introduced Swift, a new object language similar to Java or Ruby on Rails.

According to exposed performance benchmarks, it is doing a very good job compared to Ruby or Objective-C. It appears that Apple is pushing hard for developers to extensively use Swift. We estimate that in two years from now Swift will dominate new programming code.

How does that relate to SPREO?

Our current SDK, API and white-label application are built in Objective – C.  In the long term outlook, we predict that all of our customers will want to use a Swift based SDK/API/White-label.   In the short term, we will continue to work on and improve the current build which is in Objective – C (we continue to innovate, add features, and improve constantly). At the same time, we have already started to work with Swift and plan to have full Swift based framework in the future.