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August 2014

SPREO and Radius Networks Announce a Strategic Partnership to Provide Clients with Indoor Location Based Services and Bluetooth SmartTM Proximity Beacons

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Spreo LogoNEW YORKAug. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — SPREO and Radius Networks, technology leaders in the indoor location based services (LBS) and indoor proximity market, respectively, have agreed to partner to provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions for indoor location- and proximity-based services.

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SPREO technology includes step-by-step live indoor navigation, a precise geofence notifications campaign management platform and visitor engagement analytics, which will be combined with Radius Networks’ industry-leading Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) RadBeacon proximity beacons with iBeaconTM and AltBeacon technology. The combined, integrated solution targets wide-ranging use cases in the rapidly expanding market for indoor navigation and proximity beacon networks, which ABI Research predicts will be installed at 30,000 locations worldwide by year’s end.

Radius Networks RadBeacon proximity beacons are the industry’s first multi-beacon, with concurrent support for both iBeaconTM and AltBeacon proximity technologies. RadBeacons enable simultaneous proximity services across iOS, Android, and other emerging mobile environments.

SPREO’s proprietary positioning algorithm enables the most accurate indoor positioning system (IPS) on the market, down to a half a meter, with a large set of features provided as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. The SPREO Software Development Kit (SDK) features the most comprehensive set of mobile APIs in the industry for optimal integration into both Android and iOS applications.

SPREO uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon signals and other data inputs to provide the first complete Indoor Positioning System (IPS) platform that integrates indoor navigation, location based notifications and content management, venue analytics, and additional location based services (LBS). SPREO’s patent-pending technology features a proprietary indoor positioning algorithm with unrivaled accuracy to better than half a meter. For more information, go to http://spreo.co.

About Radius Networks
Radius Networks creates new and innovative ways to use wireless device signals for proximity and presence detection. Radius Networks’ cloud-based proximity services and products are used by mobile developers, major retailers, restaurant chains, sports complexes and other companies to drive innovative customer engagement and experience. For more information, visit http://radiusnetworks.com or follow Radius Networks at @radiusnetworks.

Media Contact
Tzofit Chen
Director of Marketing

Radius Networks
David Helms
Chief Product Officer
202- 681-9434

Media Contact: Tzofit Chen, SPREO, 646-827-2769, tzofit@spreo.co

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SPREO to Provide Indoor Navigation and Location Based Services to Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

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We are proud to announce that Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, New Jersey has selected SPREO to to implement indoor navigation and location based services.

The solution ensures that patients and visitors at Englewood Hospital will be able to navigate seamlessly through the large complex. Users will be able to search for their destinations in a variety of ways, including text input, voice search, QR code scanning and category-based browsing.  Users then receive step-by-step dynamic navigation with live positioning using visual, voice, and augmented reality modes to ensure they find their way.

SPREO provides indoor navigation and location based services for wayfinding for hospitals app at Englewood hospital

Contextual Signifiers in Directions Make Indoor Navigation Easier

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It was a routine part of our conversations when we first moved in together. I had lived here my whole life, while my wife grew up in a different city.

Me: What do you see to your right?

Her: A three-story building with the third floor painted red.

Me: Okay… so to your left do you see a grocery store?

Her: Yes!

Me: Great.  Continue straight and turn left at the traffic light. You’ll see a barbershop. Turn right a few feet after and you’re there!

While it might seem comical now, she called me everyday for years as she searched for and navigated to various destinations – which was a necessary part of her job.  It was both a part of the routine and a daily struggle. This was in the pre-smartphone and navigation software era. And though we no longer use Mapscos (remember those?) or impossible-to-fold streetmaps, for most of us the challenge of navigation is still an intrinsic part of our daily routines: which subway to take, which bus, which hallway, which floor, where’s the bathroom, and so on.

These days, this type of context-based navigation directions is still common when talking to someone familiar with the area.  What I’ve discovered is that these same contextual signifiers are in fact the most effective navigation directions even when using a navigation application instead of talking to a friend or family member.  So we’ve integrated this type of instruction into the SPREO live, step-by-step indoor navigation technology. Whether you’re in a shopping mall, super market, hospital, or any large venue, you get intuitive, landmark-based signifiers that ensure  you won’t get lost. (And don’t worry, if you do our route auto-correction will get you back on track!)

There’s a bright future ahead for indoor navigation in venues. With the technology SPREO has developed, we believe that we can utilize existing and scale-able infrastructure to empower seamless outdoor-to-indoor and indoor-to-outdoor navigation that will reduce stress, increase operational efficiencies, and elevate visitor experience for everyone.  Not to mention thanks to the technology we develop and while thinking about our loved ones we are continually improving indoor navigation capabilities while integrating outdoor navigation structures over the years. Plus, our tech works where satellite GPS (the signals that power Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.) doesn’t.

The ability to precisely locate your point of interest and take you there along the shortest navigation path is just the beginning. With positioning accuracy, you can serve precise location-based content (everything from streaming video to display ads to coupons), gather useful data about user behavior, and empower visitors to experience venues in completely new ways.

maze image to show need for SPREO location based navigation app