Asset and Personnel Tracking

SPREO’s asset tracking eliminates loss in efficiency due to time spent locating physical assets, lost equipment, or people. With this, hospitals, warehouses, retail spaces, and more will stand to optimize efficiency by using SPREO’s platform.

SPREO asset tracking improves inventory control and resource management.

SPREO’s Asset and Personnel Tracking Systems (RTLS) uses advanced IoT innovations to pin- point asset location with best-of- breed accuracy of 1m/3.2 ft. SPREO powered mobile app packages all these benefits in a simple and easy user interface for healthcare providers, retailers, entertainment venues, transportation and corporate entities.

asset tracking using bluetooth beacon in corporate office

SPREO’s real-time location tracking (RTLS) is a secured and low-cost way to track assets and people for improved productivity and customer experience.


Best-of-breed Accuracy

Advanced positioning algorithms (trilateration, triangulation) provide real-time accuracy (1meter) within a specified area.

Low-cost, Secure, and Scalable

Bluetooth-Low Energy (BLE)- enabled tags, APs and IoT infrastructure provides high scalability. No proprietary hardware like RFID or Optical Systems are used.

Find the Physician

User-friendly mobile- app tracks and navigates to high- value physical assets and personnel (doctor, nurse, security guard etc.) attached with BLE tags.

Enhanced Productivity Tools

APIs allow easy integration with Asset Tracking Systems (ATS)-ERP. Advanced Events Handling Engine provides Geofence zones with alerts, rules and notifications.

How It Works

  • Tag 50 to tens of thousands of items with low-cost BLE-based asset tags, usable in a variety of environments.
  • Use existing Wireless and IoT infrastructure.
  • Based on BLE signals received from assets, SPREO CMS platform updates maps on a mobile (iOS, Android) or web-based asset tracking app.
  • Flexible APIs and SDK enables sending asset tracking data for
    management or analytics.

SPREO Asset Tracking SDK

SPREO’s asset tracking SDK containerizes all the features in software and easily integrates with mobile apps.
The SDK and APIs provide seamless software stack integration with management and analytics solutions of your choice, interface and integration with Asset Tracking System – Enterprise Resource Planning (ATS-ERP) etc. Advanced Events Handling Engine provides Geofence zones with alerts, rules and notifications

SPREO White-Label Mobile App

Looking for a Mobile App solution? SPREO’s white-label mobile solution is easy to brand and customize, and is a surefire way to accelerate your time-to-market with full-stack asset tracking features.

Indoor Positioning SDK

SPREO SDK or White-Label Mobile App solutions, gives your organization the advantage with optimum asset tracking.