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Mobile Engagement for Stadiums and Arenas

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SPREO Indoor Location Solutions offers mobile positioning and engagement products for stadiums and arenas.  SPREO’s suite of indoor positioning software technology and location based features provides a unique integrated solution that includes ‘Blue Dot’ indoor positioning and navigation, geofence zone and proximity-based triggering for push notifications and analytics, campus navigation with outdoor wayfinding and pinning locations (like your parking spot), and a cloud platform to manage the entire system in the cloud.

SPREO has demonstrated the ability to deploy highly accurate and reliable Bluetooth indoor positioning systems that stand up to the rigorous challenges of arenas and stadiums.  Our solution features weatherproof hardware, load- and stress-tested software, and turnkey custom deployment. Each venue has unique physical characteristics, and our experienced RF and IT engineers ensure universal positioning coverage across even the largest and most complex facilities.

We work with venue owners and their agencies and app development partners to offer an easily-integrated and scaleable software solution via SDK. SPREO technology enables an end-to-end mobile engagement strategy that empowers venue owners, brand marketers, and visitors alike.

Case Study


SPREO works with The International Speedway Corporation and the Daytona International Speedway, one of the leading racetracks and sporting arena companies in the United States. As a part of a new technology and mobile engagement initiative, they contracted SPREO to integrate a comprehensive location based services solution.

Solution Deliverables:

  • ‘Blue Dot’ indoor positioning system
  • Dynamic guided navigation with voice, visual and text directions (and the entire navigation software stack, including multi-point, multi-lingual, route correction and more)
  • Geofence and Proximity based triggers and engagement campaigns
  • Dynamic, vector-based, interactive map views that enables custom User Interface and User Experience
  • Cloud management of POI directory
  • Onsite system installation
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
  • Hardware management

Zone Detection for Bidding Transactions

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Successfully launched a large scale BLE based mobile geo-location service for this major public gaming company. The installation involves thousand of beacons and a large number of venues, all sites are managed via a cloud based CMS dashboard.  Our system is trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to securely validate bidding transactions and enhance player experience.

The regulator requires that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering venue boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device.  Spreo’s platform provides the means to verify that a mobile device is in a valid wagering area and gives the ‘Zone In” signal to allow their transaction.


  • Indoor/ Outdoor location – Utilizing BLE beacons, know with 100% certainty if a mobile device is IN ZONE our OUT OF ZONE
  • Requires custom configuration of beacon transmission, security protocols, physical placement, and calibration.
  • Ensures reliable, secure and accurate IN/OUT Zone Detection including advanced anti spoofing and ID rotation algorithms
  • Enables/Disables specific “IN ZONE ONLY” features from functioning within mobile apps (Ex. Wagering Zones)
  • The approach uses proximity of the user to beacons, and therefore does not require x/y/z location 0r Blue Dot.

Why Your Business Needs an Indoor Navigation App

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Bluetooth indoor navigation technology continues to advance at a stunning pace. What once was a dream has now become a reality: you can create a model of any indoor location using wayfinding beacons and provide a digital map to help visitors and employees find their way around.

Some business owners and managers are under the impression that Bluetooth indoor navigation systems are an unnecessary luxury, but that would be a misconception. An indoor navigation app is much more versatile than you might think. Here are a few reasons why your business needs an indoor navigation app:

  1. Bluetooth Indoor Navigation Can Be Used in Various Ways

When we talk about implementing an indoor navigation app with wayfinding beacons, the first thing we need to address is the various ways this system can be utilized.

You know, of course, that indoor GPS can be used for navigation. Whatever type of facility you have – whether it’s a shopping mall, a museum, an airport, a university, a factory, a warehouse, a convention center, an office building, or a corporate campus – your visitors and employees will surely benefit from being able to easily find their way around.

mobile app for outdoor and indoor wayfinding

But that’s not all that an indoor navigation app can do for you. Other uses for Bluetooth indoor navigation include:

  • Location Sharing – Visitors and employees can use location sharing to find one another and designate a meeting spot.
  • Advertising – If the wayfinding beacons detect a customer nearby, you can call their attention to products or services in the area by having a message sent to their mobile device.
  • Location-Based Coupons – A special offer or coupon can be sent to a visitor based on their location. For instance, if a person is next to a handbag display, they could receive a coupon for 25% off any bag. This is a great way to personalize the shopping experience.
  • In-App Search – If a visitor or employee is looking for a specific product or place, they can search in the indoor navigation app and receive detailed directions to that spot.
  • Inventory and Asset Tracking – You can keep track of merchandise, machinery, vehicles, and other assets (including personnel) using Bluetooth indoor navigation with wayfinding beacons.
  • And more…

Your business needs indoor navigation app

  1. Bluetooth Indoor Navigation is Convenient and Accurate

There’s really no comparison between using an indoor navigation app versus a traditional map. Sure, they both might help you get where you’re going, but the similarities end there.

For example, if you’re in a mall that has one of those large maps with the big “you are here” sticker, it could take you a while to get oriented and find what you’re looking for. And of course, once you leave that map display station you are counting on your memory to find your way.

But with Bluetooth indoor navigation, those helpful little wayfinding beacons that were installed throughout the mall will guide you step-by-step to your destination. No more guesswork or forgetting which way you need to turn to get to the store you’re looking for!

  1. Indoor Navigation App – Save Time and Attract Customers

Because Bluetooth indoor navigation is so accurate and convenient, it ends up saving you, your employees, and your customers a lot of time. And when customers enjoy shopping at your store, they’re likely to return, bringing even more money in the door.

Imagine that a customer comes into your home improvement store to find a specific type of light bulb. He wanders around the store but can’t find what he needs so he leaves the store in frustration and heads to the nearest Wal-Mart to make his purchase.

If that same customer had access to an indoor navigation app that maps out your store, he can easily find exactly what he’s looking for. The wayfinding beacons will detect where he is and tell him the quickest route to the light bulb section. The indoor navigation app can even tell your customer what shelf he can find the light bulb on.

Your customers will appreciate the time they save because they don’t have to roam around the store or track down an employee for help. Based on their positive shopping experience, they’re much more likely to come back to your store in the future.

This is a simplistic example of course but the possibilities for large multi-building campuses are endless.

Indoor Navigation Apps are the Best Tool for the Job

You might think that your company can make do with the old printed map that you’ve had for years, but is that really the best tool for the job? Business is competitive, and one way you can gain an edge over your rivals is by implementing a Bluetooth indoor navigation system. With all the benefits that an indoor location app can provide, your employees, customers, and shareholders will all thank you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how this technology could benefit your company, feel free to call us at 646-827-2769 or use the contact form on this site.

Spreo Wayfinding System and NoviSign Digital Signage Integrate Together

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Spreo wayfinding system, who specializes in indoor navigation, has recently integrated with NoviSign digital signage software to provide a combined solution.

Spreo wayfinding navigation solution combined with NoviSign digital signage
Online PR News – 07-March-2017 – New York, NY, U.S.A. – Spreo (U.S.A.) specializes in indoor sites/buildings navigation and provides solutions for self-location detection, based on advanced technology. Spero is offering a wide range of constructions and infrastructure, fixed and mobile stations, portable equipment, charging, distribution and collection points. Spreo uses BLE beacon and WiFi signal fingerprinting, internal sensor fusion, map constraints and other data inputs to provide a complete, integrated platform for step-by-step indoor navigation, location based marketing and analytics.

NoviSign (since 2011) is a digital signage software provider, develops and sells signage solution which includes Android (as well as Windows and Chrome OS) based signage player and high end content editor – a studio that enables users to easily design a screen, divided into flexible sub areas, which present different kind of media, from traditional design, social networks and up to interactive games, polls, and IoT based content – such as face recognition/people counting and identification, event trigger display by scanning or detectors.

Among its customers: Nasa, Home Depot, Great Wolf Lodge, Disney, Worten, Dold, Mellanox, Hadassah hospital and more.

The cooperation and joint development between the two was carried out this year, brings into synergy the advantages of each platform, combining the navigation and dynamic broadcast capabilities into one solution.

As part of the indoors navigation process, your self-position is noticed as an event – detected by the system and triggers a designed display of information, messages and opportunities along the way/route.

Gil Matzliah, NoviSign’s CEO: „This is a breakthrough towards a smarter consumer of tomorrow, that will be holding an important information prior to the acquisition, allowing him cost-effective experience and better purchase.”

Tzofit Chen-Giloh

SPREO’s Mapping, Wayfinding and Location-Based Services Help Elevate International Speedway Corporation’s Guest Experience

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NEW YORK, Oct. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SPREO is proud to work with International Speedway Corporation (“ISC”) and itsmotorsports entertainment facilities, which include Daytona International Speedway, in offering mapping, wayfinding and location-based services that enhance the guest’s mobile event experience.

SPREO’s cutting-edge Location Platform enhances ISC’s mobile app platform empowering race fans and visitors with step-by-step navigation and the ability to get closer to the on-track action.

“Consumers are more app-focused than ever before and we have to make sure we are exceeding their expectations when it comes to mobile technology,” said Craig Tarr, Senior Director, Digital and Interactive, ISC. “Our enhanced mobile app serves as the ultimate event companion allowing guests to get closer to the action they love and enjoy real-time micro location-based services including wayfinding, geofencing notifications, couponing and much more.”

ISC is one of the first companies to go live on the new release of SPREO’s Location Platform, a next-generation interactive mapping and wayfinding software that is seamlessly integrated with Google Maps.

“SPREO is pleased to have a great partner in the International Speedway Corporation,” announced Avi Sacajiu, SPREO CEO and Co-Founder. “The success of the mobile experience with International Speedway Corporation is an important milestone that demonstrates the maturation of SPREO’s Location Platform and the value of location based experiences in the sports and entertainment industry. At SPREO, we are dedicated to delivering the best Location Platform technology and providing real-world use cases and applications to wonderful places and their visitors.”



SPREO delivers indoor mapping, interactive location and navigation, and location based applications to enterprise clients across retail management, sports and entertainment, healthcare and more. SPREO boasts industry-leading positioning algorithms, cloud platform management, and mobile app software development kits.

SPREO strives to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds — and connect people to their surroundings in innovative, engaging and useful ways.

SPREO technology works in any large, complex building or campus, and has established credibility and expertise with landmark, award-winning achievements. To learn more, visit us at www.spreo.com.

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Spreo Indoor Location Solutions Presents Next Generation Indoor Real-Time Location System Powered By Bluetooth, Cloud & Mobile

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Orlando, Fla. – April 29, 2016 – Spreo offers an integrated solution with Hardware, Software and Services for an accurate, proven and cost-effective asset tracking platform. Cutting-edge BLE beacon technology enables a competitive alternative to current RFID solutions and IoT technology. The Spreo Global Tracking Platform is a scaleable, agile and cloud-based solution that addresses client requirements for tracking, managing and reporting asset and personnel location in any type of venue.

Spreo is proud to announce that it is demonstrating its disruptive Bluetooth-based RTLS product suite at RFID LIVE! 2016, May 3-5 in Orlando, Florida. Stop by Booth 728E in the IoT Pavilion to learn more about the technology features and benefits. See the blue-boxed and highlighted section in the map below to see where Spreo’s booth is located. Spreo is also offering scheduling of private demos and one-on-one meetings. Please contact us at info@spreo.co for more information and to schedule a demo meeting.

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New Technology Enhancements Help Fans Get Connected as Part of the Unprecedented DAYTONA Rising Project

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Wi-Fi Connectivity, an Updated Mobile App and Interactive Rewards Stations Will Add to the Fan Experience

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – November 21, 2015 – Daytona International Speedway (DIS) is pleased to announce several new technology enhancements as part of the unprecedented $400 million DAYTONA Rising redevelopment project that will help fans get and stay connected to the latest motorsports information and news. Just in time for Speedweeks 2016, fans will soon be able to connect to Wi-Fi at DIS with the help of ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS), a global telecommunications technology leader. In addition, fans will get to experience a new and improved mobile app, as well as interactive engagement stations to help guide them around the new motorsports stadium.

“In our ever-connected world, consumers expect to be able to interact with their social circles and share their experiences in real-time from anywhere, and we are certainly seeing the same in motorsports,” said Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood III. “Bringing an unprecedented level of connectivity to DIS and motorsports in general was a non-negotiable when we began DAYTONA Rising, and we’re excited to work with ARRIS to help us accomplish this goal.

ARRIS will provide Wi-Fi access to some of the most high traffic areas of DIS to offer fans more connectivity than ever before. Through a multi-phased rollout, fans will be able to log in throughout the concourses and neighborhoods in the nearly mile-long frontstretch. Fans in the Midway and Sprint FANZONE will be able to connect to the ARRIS network as well. This installation will be complete in time for Speedweeks 2016 with additional areas of the property gaining Wi-Fi access later in the year.

“ARRIS is providing high-speed Wi-Fi to Daytona—making it possible for fans to share, post and stream their experiences on race weekends,” said Ron Coppock, President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing at ARRIS. “DAYTONA Rising redefines the NASCAR experience, and we’re proud to support this vision. Our network technology and services will bring fans’ experiences to life in and around the track, while they continue to transform the crucial communications link between drivers and crews.”


In addition, a brand new version of the DIS mobile app will launch by the end of January to help fans take full advantage of the amenities and offerings that the new motorsports stadium will provide. The updated app for iOS and Android devices will include several exciting mobile features such as Bluetooth-based indoor and GPS-based outdoor turn-by-turn navigation, location-based proximity engagement, and the ability to drop pins to remember certain locations like your parking spot powered by SPREO Indoor Location Solutions.

It will also include an interactive GPS facility map and dynamic experiences with DIS Founding Partners in each of the new injectors/entrances. The update will also offer a customizable daily schedule, advanced notifications and the convenient ability to stay up-to-date with DIS Facebook, Twitter and RSS News feeds. The update for the DIS app will be available on iOS and Android platforms, and is free to download.

Finally, DIS will unveil its new DAYTONA Rewards Stations. These engagement locations will be positioned throughout the stadium and will provide fans with fun ways to interact with DIS and its partners while at a race. To participate, fans will only need to a complete a one-time registration in which they will be issued a unique QR code. Using that code, fans will be able to play games, see photos and videos, win prizes and more. The system will also be fully integrated into the updated app to provide one unified mobile experience for fans.

To read the rest of the release, please click here.

Asure Software Announces Technology Agreement With SPREO

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Partnership Extends Technology Product Suite Available to Support the Digital Workplace

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Asure Software (Nasdaq:ASUR), a leading provider of hoteling, space management and time & attendance software solutions, today announced a partnership with SPREO Indoor Location Solutions, a leading indoor wayfinding technology provider, which enables Asure clients to add indoor navigation to their suite of workplace management solutions.

“We’re thrilled to bring SPREO’s innovative indoor wayfinding technology to our clients and to our own offices in Austin. We see it as a natural extension of the solutions we’re already providing to support our clients’ mobile, agile workforce. Using the technology ourselves keeps us close to our clients’ experience,” said Tom Loveland, Global SVP of Product Strategy at Asure Software. “I’m pleased to become part of SPREO’s Board of Advisors, giving us a further connection point between our organizations.”

“SPREO is excited to partner with Asure, and we are eager to rapidly expand the presence and usefulness of indoor location-based services such as navigation and asset tracking in corporate offices.  There is tremendous value to improving the visitor and employee experience across all industries and venues, and this strategic partnership demonstrates our commitment to empowering our partners and their clients with engaging and helpful indoor location-based experiences,” said Avi Sacajiu, CEO of SPREO.

About Asure Software

Asure Software, Inc. (Nasdaq:ASUR) is headquartered in Austin, Texas with regional headquarters in London, England. Asure helps companies better manage their global, mobile workforces with SaaS-based solutions that bring people, time, space and assets together in a meaningful way. The company serves approximately 6,000 clients worldwide with workplace and workforce management solutions that offer innovative ways to help meet the needs of an agile workforce. For more information, please visit http://www.asuresoftware.com/ or http://www.asuresoftware.co.uk/.


SPREO Indoor Location Solutions, headquartered in New York City and with R&D labs in Israel, offers award-winning mobile and web-based indoor navigation solutions. SPREO’s unique indoor positioning algorithm combines Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and Wi-Fi signal fingerprinting, sensor fusion, mapping intelligence to produce the most complete and reliable indoor positioning system in the world. The SPREO platform powers live ‘blue dot’ indoor dynamic navigation with rich analytics across iOS, Android and web applications. To learn more please visit www.SPREO.co.

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SPREO Indoor Navigation App at Carmel Hospital Awarded the Top Prize in the Category of Outstanding Computing Technology Infrastructure

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The solution provides accurate, real-time indoor positioning and navigation in an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes Bluetooth Beacon (‘iBeacon’) technology.

Tel Aviv, Israel — January 08, 2015 — The event, which took place on Wednesday December 24 at Kiryat Airport, was attended by executives from leading industries in Israel, including healthcare services, town municipalities, banks, and the Israeli Defense Forces. The prestigious Israeli journal, People & Computers, sponsored the awards.

Awards were given based on innovation within an industry – ensuring a better quality of service for the general public. This is the second award of 2014 bestowed upon SPREO’s app for Carmel Medical Center and Clalit Health Services. SPREO previously won an award for excellent in innovation for the indoor positioning and navigation solution.

SPREO equipped Carmel Medical Center with sophisticated indoor navigation featuresSDK software, reliable cloud-based services, administrative platforms and professional & engineering services. The turnkey solution that SPREO provided included on-site system installation, engineering, and white-label branded mobile app design and customization.

Avi Sacajiu, CEO of SPREO said, “SPREO is proud to accept the honor of this award, and we want to congratulate all of the other strong submissions in the competition. This award shows the value of innovation in indoor location based services. By providing patients, visitors and hospital staff at Carmel Hospital with a mobile app featuring interactive maps, directories and indoor navigation, we hope we’ve had a real impact on people’s lives.”

Avi Sacajiu continued, “I also want to thank Dr. Schwadron and her team at Clalit and Carmel for being an early adopter of our technology, sharing our vision and providing ongoing commitment to innovation in healthcare technology.”

Dr. Vered Schwadron, the Chief Service Innovation Officer for Clalit Health Services, which manages Carmel Hospital, said, “This award demonstrates Clalit’s ongoing commitment to innovation in health care. I want to also congratulate our partner SPREO for this award. This would not have been possible without their innovation in indoor positioning and navigation. We plan to continue to develop new ways to enable technology to improve health care experiences for patients, visitors, doctors and staff.”


SPREO uses Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and WiFi signal fingerprinting, inertial sensor fusion, map constraints and other data inputs to provide the first complete, integrated platform for accurate indoor location, step-by-step indoor navigation, location based marketing and analytics. SPREO technology features a proprietary indoor location algorithm with unrivaled sub-meter accuracy.

SPREO works with large venues and agencies to integrate SPREO technology into consumer apps via SDK, and it serves as the foundation for location based services and applications for apps spanning many industries, including retail shopping centers, hospitals, security, education, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and more.

To learn more, visit http://www.spreo.co.

Originally published on prweb.com.

Representatives of SPREO and Clalit Hospital Accept the Top Prize in the Category of Outstanding Computing Technology Infrastructure.

Taubman Launches Pioneering Shopping and Navigation App at The Mall at University Town Center in Sarasota, Florida

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First-of-its-kind indoor navigation technology, developed by SPREO, assists in providing a personalized shopping experience like no other

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Dec. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Finding stores, styles and sales at Taubman’s new Mall at University Town Center (UTC) is easier and more personalized than ever before thanks to the free “Mall at UTC” iOS mobile shopping app that offers first-of-its-kind indoor navigation technology developed by SPREO. The app is being piloted at UTC now, but is scheduled to roll out to Taubman properties across the U.S. over the next year.

iMedia’s 2013 “Mobile Agency of the Year,” MXM created the free app that incorporates SPREO’s proprietary, real-time, mall-based navigation that is powered by Bluetooth beacons. In perhaps the most extensive use of Bluetooth in any mall worldwide, the app also remembers favorite stores and delivers personalized maps, style inspiration, sales and promotions right to the phones of shoppers.

“Our new mobile app changes the shopping experience, bringing mall navigation and personalization to the forefront like never before,” said Ivan Frank, director of digital marketing for Taubman. “Taubman is pleased to be the leader in bringing this technology to shoppers to enhance their in-mall experience.”

SPREO Co-Founder and CEO Avi Sacajiu said, “Through our work with Taubman, we are leading the way in using radio frequency signals for precise navigation in large, multi-level spaces like The Mall at University Town Center. This is truly a unique amenity for shoppers.”

The “Mall at UTC” app is now available through the Apple App Store with an Android version launching soon. Shoppers can “Map It, Plan It and Love It” using the technology in the following ways:

Map It:
Easily locate stores, restaurants and entertainment as you shop.

  • With Bluetooth on, the “Map It” screen recognizes your location within seconds;
  • Click to view the location of any store – and then click again for directions to that store from your current location;
  • Navigation directions then appear, helping you navigate step by step and floor by floor to your destination.

Plan It:
Plan your shopping trip in advance, to get the most out of your visit.

  • Add stores to your “Plan It” trip itinerary to make shopping a breeze. You can add stores to your itinerary any time by clicking on the “Plan It” icon.

Love It:
Save your favorite stores for quick information and a personalized experience.

  • When you first install the app, you will be asked to mark your favorites;
  • The app offers recommendations, including a personal “inspiration board” driven by your “Love It” favorites and their related stores;
  • And you can customize your map simply by pressing the “Love It” filter so that only your “Love It” stores appear.

The “Mall at UTC” app continues Taubman’s commitment to bringing the latest high-tech, customer-focused amenities to shoppers. In addition to the new app, UTC also features the Sarasota Visitors Center, electric car charging stations, free Wi-Fi, interactive touchscreen directories and numerous charging stations for electronics. UTC is the only newly built, enclosed regional shopping center to open in the United States in 2014.

About The Mall at UTC
The Mall at UTC opened Oct. 16, 2014. Located at I-75 and University Parkway, this world-class fashion and dining destination features approximately 880,000 square feet of retail space with Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Dillard’s and more than 100 specialty stores and restaurants. Showcasing many distinctive retailers not found anywhere else in the local market, the center offers visitors a diverse mix of upscale, fashion and lifestyle retailers, popular favorites, sit-down restaurants and a children’s play area. Shopping hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. For holiday hours, information and updates, visit www.mallatutc.com. Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MallatUTC.

SPREO uses Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and Wi-Fi signal fingerprinting, inertial sensor fusion, map constraints and other data inputs to provide the first complete, integrated platform for step-by-step indoor navigation, location based marketing and analytics. SPREO technology features a proprietary indoor location algorithm with unrivaled sub-meter accuracy. SPREO works with large venues and agencies to integrate SPREO technology into consumer apps via SDK, and it serves as the foundation for location based services and applications for apps spanning many industries, including retail shopping centers, hospitals, security, education, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and more. To learn more, visit www.SPREO.co and follow us on Twitter @SPREOco.

About Taubman
Taubman Centers, Inc. (NYSE: TCO) is an S&P MidCap 400 Real Estate Investment Trust engaged in the ownership, management and/or leasing of 21 regional, super-regional and outlet shopping centers in the U.S. and Asia. Taubman’s U.S.-owned properties are the most productive in the publicly held U.S. regional mall industry. Taubman is currently developing five properties in the U.S. and Asiatotaling 4.7 million square feet. Taubman, with more than 60 years of experience in the shopping center industry, is headquartered inBloomfield Hills, Mich., and Taubman Asia is headquartered in Hong Kong. www.taubman.com.

For ease of use, references in this press release to “Taubman Centers,” “company,” “Taubman” or an operating platform meanTaubman Centers, Inc. and/or one or more of a number of separate, affiliated entities. Business is actually conducted by an affiliated entity rather than Taubman Centers, Inc. itself or the named operating platform.

This press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. These statements reflect management’s current views with respect to future events and financial performance. The forward-looking statements included in this release are made as of the date hereof. Except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future. Actual results may differ materially from those expected because of various risks and uncertainties.  You should review the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including “Risk Factors” in its most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K and subsequent quarterly reports, for a discussion of such risks and uncertainties.


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