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Tabcorp and SPREO Partnership delivers a game-changing 3D geo-fencing mobile solution for Digital Wagering

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NEW YORK (PRWEB) JUNE 04, 2018–This press release announces the successful deployment of a high-precision 3D geo-fencing mobile solution for the regulated wagering industry.


Tabcorp, an integrated wagering and entertainment ASX 100 Company, has selected SPREO’s solution for their digital gaming offering, called the Keno app. Keno, a primary focus of Tabcorp’s gaming division, is a lottery-like wagering game. Keno revenues reached just over $212.7 million in FY17.

Tabcorp’s primary challenge was to enable the functionalities of the app within the boundaries of NSW government regulation which restricts gaming outside of the perimeter within their licensed venues. In a CIO50 2017 featured coverage, Tabcorp’s CIO Kim Wenn mentioned that they “needed to find a solution that enabled a customer to play Keno via the app within a venue, but for the play to be disabled once outside the venue. The boundary needed to be strictly monitored to adhere to regulations.”

“So basically, the app would have to implement a geo-fence and adhere to these guidelines,” explains SPREO’s COO, Rajan Vaz.

Wenn’s team evaluated the technical viability of several world leading vendors prior to adopting SPREO’s solution. Wenn adds that “The innovation process consisted of working through a large number of prototypes that would determine which technologies were worthy to further explore”.

Tabcorp’s partnership with SPREO is recognized as a significant milestone in establishing the viability of high-precision 3D geo-fencing technology. The simplicity of the Spreo SDK empowered the Tabcorp team to implement the Keno app with embedded indoor positioning algorithms efficiently. It utilizes 3D geo-fences with bluetooth beacons, along with intelligent floor plans to meet the regulatory requirement with an accuracy of one meter.

Vaz says “Through a clever usage and placement of BLE beacons in a venue we are able to clearly demarcate zones and boundaries that can be designated as belonging to an approved or not approved section within the venue”. Vaz adds “Our capability to demarcate irregular boundaries and its association to an appropriate zone (whether approved or not approved) was the primary challenge that we helped TABCORP overcome.”

Spreo has proven to be a nimble and crafty player in the IoT arena by fully utilizing the IoT sensors and BLE beacons. Customers are able to deploy SPREO’s solutions on a mass scale through strategic improvisation similar to the scenario of Tabcorp. The flexibility in the technology conveys that it is qualified to be implemented across many other industries and verticals.

“Our capability to demarcate irregular boundaries and its association to an appropriate zone (whether approved or not approved) was the primary challenge that we helped TABCORP overcome.” Rajan Vaz, COO, SPREO



SPREO SaaS mapping platform with embedded indoor positioning provides wayfinding, location sharing of users and assets, site analytics, geofencing, proximity notification etc. It is suitable for dynamic range of enterprise clients across retail management, corporate offices, sports, entertainment, healthcare and more.

SPREO’s technology brings together location algorithms, sensor-based indoor positioning software, intelligent mapping system, AI technology and cloud-based content management system.

SPREO is headquartered in New York City with R&D labs in Israel.

To learn more, visit us at http://www.spreo.co, 646.827.2769 | info@spreo.co



Come visit Tech Launchpad area Booth 164 at Realcomm
| IBCon June 5-7, 2018 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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Let SPREO show you our Indoor Positioning and Mapping Platform in person. Join us in the special Tech LaunchPad area to the right of the entrance and registration desks, booth 164. We will also be doing a 3 minute presentation on the main stage which will demonstrate our Wayfinding, Navigation and Booking Systems. We looking forward to meeting you there, we have a lot to show you.

WORKTECH18 – Explore the Future of Work and the WorkPlace Conference

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We were happy to meet so many key leaders in the future of modern work spaces at the Worktech18 conference in mid May. We were quite impressed with many of the new trends in modern work spaces and the level of quality questions asked about our Indoor Mapping, Way-finding and Booking Systems.

Thank you to all of those who visited our booth and we look forward to continuing the many conversations started.

Major Global Enterprise Deploys SPREO for Smart-Office Mobile Solution: Improves Workplace Efficiency and Employee Collaboration

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A blue-chip, multinational corporation has successfully implemented SPREO’s smart office technology with the aim of improving efficiency, collaboration and workspace utilization amongst its workforce. The deployment includes multiple company campuses and will be expanded worldwide in 2018.

Marking a strong growth spurt in 2017, SPREO continues to enable companies to boost productivity and employee experience through location-aware solutions, integrated with business efficiency tools. Among its most common integrations, SPREO connects with enterprise-wide resource booking systems and mail exchange systems. The mobile app allows users to effortlessly book resources such as conference rooms and workstations from their mobile devices before navigating to them on a digital campus map. Users may also share their live indoor location with colleagues, allowing the company to collect valuable occupancy and utilization analytics. Since GPS signals cannot be received indoors, SPREO’s solution relies on the latest in IoT technology: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, which are deployed throughout the campus and help determine the X and Y coordinates of each user on the map.

These advanced integration capabilities have positioned SPREO as the leading indoor location solution provider for corporations for digital wayfinding, workplace efficiency, location sharing, dynamic office collaboration and more.


SPREO brings digital innovation to the modern office with a centralized mapping engine, employee mobile app and integration with facility and resource management tools. SPREO’s cloud-based, location-aware IoT platform and comprehensive CMS deliver a highly scalable, agile and cost-effective platform for asset and personnel tracking (RTLS), corporate efficiency, resource booking, secured location sharing, navigation, mapping, geo-fencing, proximity engagement applications, site analytics and more. SPREO is headquartered in New York City with R&D labs in Israel.

Contact Information

Tzofit Chen


(646) 827-2769

No need to starve yourself to become more efficient.

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Biohacking is the new craze in Silicon Valley — but SPREO can help you become an innovative workplace leader without the hunger pangs.
Introducing SPREO. Our digital innovation for the modern office fuses digital and physical spaces with a centralized mapping engine, employee mobile app and integrated in-campus resource management tools. Click here to find out more. 

Multinational IT Corporation Implements SPREO Technology

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Multinational IT Corporation Implements SPREO’s Indoor Navigation & Mapping Intelligence For Increased Employee Efficiency

The headquarters of one of the world’s largest multinational IT corporations is implementing an employee app for its 20 million square foot, 50+ building campus. The app helps employees reserve and indoor navigate to over 1000 meeting rooms across the entire campus. The app assists visitors and employees to find amenities, more than 5000 “hot desks”and more.

Click here for the full Case Study

How Will Spreo’s Wayfinding Solution Integrate with Our Hospital App?

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SPREO’s mobile solution increases patient and visitors’ positive impressions of your hospital while decreasing stress and anxiety. It reduces staff interruptions while increasing on-time arrivals for appointments.

However, one of the questions we frequently hear from hospital executives involves concerns about how Spreo will integrate with their current hospital app.


We find that hospitals typically fall into one of three categories with regard to this question.

  1. They have an excellent, current, content-driven app that engages their patients and families.
  2. They have an app that was designed a couple of years ago and is already outdated and underutilized. They really need a new app but it is not in their budget.
  3. They do not have an app yet but are moving in this direction.


We will address all three situations here.

Already Have an Excellent App

The Spreo SDK integrates our software stack into existing apps to enable location-based features for our clients and their development agencies. This is a seamless process that causes no disruption to the existing app and is a powerful addition to what is offered.


Need a New App

For hospitals that have an outdated app, this is a way to solve both problems. Our comprehensive solution is not just a step-by-step, blue dot indoor navigation tool in your patient’s hands. It is also a powerful content management system (CMS), empowering your ability to develop content and create a current, customized, user-friendly app, improving the patient experience.


Do Not Have an App

Many of our clients know they need to offer an app to their patients and families and are in the planning stages. Our development team is extremely nimble and can accommodate and integrate your plans. This includes everything from patient education, patient portals, multiple campus information, nearby pharmacies, feedback, and links to your website and social media.

In summary, our indoor wayfinding solution is usually just one feature in our clients’ custom app. While we are happy to provide the simple navigation app, we can meet your needs, whatever they may be when it comes to your app.

Mobile Engagement for Stadiums and Arenas

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SPREO Indoor Location Solutions offers mobile positioning and engagement products for stadiums and arenas.  SPREO’s suite of indoor positioning software technology and location based features provides a unique integrated solution that includes ‘Blue Dot’ indoor positioning and navigation, geofence zone and proximity-based triggering for push notifications and analytics, campus navigation with outdoor wayfinding and pinning locations (like your parking spot), and a cloud platform to manage the entire system in the cloud. Read More

Zone Detection for Bidding Transactions

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Successfully launched a large scale BLE based mobile geo-location service for this major public gaming company. The installation involves thousand of beacons and a large number of venues, all sites are managed via a cloud based CMS dashboard.  Our system is trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to securely validate bidding transactions and enhance player experience.

The regulator requires that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering venue boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device.  Spreo’s platform provides the means to verify that a mobile device is in a valid wagering area and gives the ‘Zone In” signal to allow their transaction.


  • Indoor/ Outdoor location – Utilizing BLE beacons, know with 100% certainty if a mobile device is IN ZONE our OUT OF ZONE
  • Requires custom configuration of beacon transmission, security protocols, physical placement, and calibration.
  • Ensures reliable, secure and accurate IN/OUT Zone Detection including advanced anti spoofing and ID rotation algorithms
  • Enables/Disables specific “IN ZONE ONLY” features from functioning within mobile apps (Ex. Wagering Zones)
  • The approach uses proximity of the user to beacons, and therefore does not require x/y/z location 0r Blue Dot.

Why Your Business Needs an Indoor Navigation App

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Bluetooth indoor navigation technology continues to advance at a stunning pace. What once was a dream has now become a reality: you can create a model of any indoor location using wayfinding beacons and provide a digital map to help visitors and employees find their way around.

Some business owners and managers are under the impression that Bluetooth indoor navigation systems are an unnecessary luxury, but that would be a misconception. An indoor navigation app is much more versatile than you might think. Here are a few reasons why your business needs an indoor navigation app: Read More