Fully Integrated Device Management & Monitoring


Comprehensive Cloud Ecosystem for tracking devices, managing and monitoring your beacon indoor positioning system.

Data collection is available on a hardware solution with SPREO’s IoT Gateways or with our monitoring App software solution  

Hardware Solution

Monitoring with Gateways

  • Highly reliable
  • Around-the-clock 24/7 real time, proactive monitoring
  • Personnel-free monitoring
  • Beacon agnostics
  • Future-proof
  • Cellular based or WiFi location tracking
  • App health-check monitoring

Software Solution

Monitoring with Application

  • No on-site deployment
  • Rely on personnel traffic – semi proactive
  • Beacon agnostics
  • No impact on the end user app (SW and/or battery consumption)
  • Cost-effective (SW vs HW)

Advanced Events Handling System

(Alerts and Notifications System)

  • Setup alerts based on predefined events (with customizable parameters)
  • Define recipients of alerts and frequency of distribution
  • See a detailed log of event/s history
  • Monitoring parameters:
    • Battery level
    • Beacon malfunction
    • Stolen/removed beacon
    • Misplaced beacon
    • Beacon group condition
Laptop Screen Showing Device Management Administration Dashboard of Spreo Content Management System

Comprehensive Backend CMS

  • Global Monitoring- view, sort, and search for beacons & gateways across all venues from one screen
  • Project-by-project management
  • Advanced events handling system (Customizable alerts and notifications system)

Global (Multi-Venue) Overview

Laptop Displaying CMS Global Facilities Dashboard

Facility Management

  • View all beacons and gateways within a facility
  • Show a map view of beacons and gateways
  • View all beacon details including ID, battery status, location, and more

Facility Management- Map View

  • Beacons are color coded by battery level/health status
  • Click a beacon or gateway to see details
  • Show power radius of beacons
  • Measure space using measuring tool
  • Show beacons associated to a gateway by clicking and holding a gateway (beacons will expand in size)