Employee Engagement App Integration

Connect employees to your campus by integrating Spreo with your Employee Engagement App. Spreo adds must have features that are used on a daily basis, including:

  • Indoor wayfinding and navigation
  • Integration with Booking & Scheduling Systems
  • Location Sharing
  • Location-based Notification
  • Space Analytics & Traffic Heatmap
  • Collaboration

Resource Booking Made Easy

Spreo takes resource booking to the next level, adding mapping and indoor navigation features through existing integrations.

Meeting Room Booking

View the availability of meeting rooms on a map. Examine the meeting room details. And simply book it with just a single click. When the time arrives navigate to the meeting room.

Workstation Booking

View a list of workstations ordered by their proximity and/or view them on a map. The reservation can be done remotely and in advance or on the spot. Navigate in real-time to the designated workstation.

Optimize Costs with Occupancy Analytics

Using occupancy analytics data, Facility Managers can make informed decisions regarding the reorganization of existing spaces, optimization of unassigned workstations, planning of expansions, etc.

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