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With SPREO's indoor GPS and mapping platform, employees become more productive, visitors feel welcome, and you optimize your real estate costs. Your corporate campus has never been so connected.

SPREO in the Agile Office

Agile offices are becoming the industry standard for the corporate workspace landscape. With features including occupancy/space analytics, hot desking, resource booking, location sharing, and more, SPREO’s corporate solutions build on the agile office to provide crucial spacial awareness, as well as further increased connectivity amongst employees. With SPREO, firms can attract and retain technologically savvy talent, boost workplace efficiency, and help workplaces minimize asset and HVAC costs.

increase in flexible workspaces in the U.S. in the last 5 years

of Millenials wish to have greater connectivity in the workplace

added level of utility for each desk when transitioning from conventional to agile offices


Implemented in large campuses internationally and trusted by global leaders in technology, SPREO delivers a proven agile office solution for any corporate facility. SPREO’s technology is award winning, easy to implement, and expertly integrates with other systems and solution providers. SPREO’s solutions are hardware-agnostic, meaning we can use any location technology already in place in your facility or work with a vendor of your choice. SPREO delivers a significant return on investment as conventional office spaces transition into activity-based workplaces.

Features for the Agile Office

SPREO’s agile office solutions lead to reduced costs and increased employee satisfaction.

Wayfinding & Navigation

SPREO delivers wayfinding and navigation capabilities to further reduce the time wasted when employees look for points of interest in complex corporate facilities or campuses. With features such as “Save my parking spot and customized routing for visitors and employees, you can tailor the wayfinding experience to match your company’s needs and culture. Wayfinding and routing is available with or without an indoor positioning system.

Hospital wayfinding web browser

Office Hoteling & Hot-Desking

SPREO’s hot-desking and hoteling features lead to improved utilization, as well as a significant increase in employee satisfaction. With the ability to locate, book, or claim vacant desks, employees can work in settings that suit their current work-activity. With workstation metrics, management can evolve a workspace to fit the employees’ needs and preferences. Reports show that among highly satisfied employees, 88% are allowed to choose where to work based on their task, and 94% have the ability to work in teams without being interrupted. Producing a greater sense of connectivity and flexibility, SPREO enables corporate offices to reduce costs while vastly increasing employee satisfaction.

Resource Booking & Scheduling Integration

Increasing demand for meeting rooms, coupled with the misuse of meeting rooms (squaters, no-shows, booking oversized rooms, etc), has left 40% of employees wasting up to 30 minutes a day looking for a vacant meeting space. With SPREO’s platform, firms can modernize their resource booking system to provide key information including: real-time map-view availability, 2D and 3D room images, spacial awareness, map-based booking,  meeting room capacity, amenities, location-informed auto checkin, and more.

Location Sharing

77% of Millenials wish to have greater mobile connectivity in the workplace via tablets, smartphones, etc. SPREO’s location sharing feature quenches the workforce’s thirst for heightened levels of connectivity. The location sharing feature allows a user to share location with other users and search/view other users on the map, navigate to other users, and interact with viewable user icons on the venue map. SPREO’s location sharing component is available on any device, is usable on both location-aware devices as well as on location-unaware devices.


Space Occupancy & Utilization Analytics

According to a 2018 report that surveyed around 230 corporate buildings, on average only 20% of meeting room seats are occupied at any given time. The same report found that 31% of studied workstations are empty at any given time. SPREO’s space utilization analytic reports allow workplaces to make informed decisions on how to better utilize space. This leads to significant reductions in the costs of real estate, assets, HVAC, upkeep, and more.

Geofencing and Proximity Campaigns

SPREO’s location-aware SDK and mobile app powers valuable location analytics insights, geo-fence and proximity-based contextual notifications. SPREO’s cloud ecosystem includes the ability to add and define geofences in a map-based editor, and to design and configure location based push notification campaigns.

Indoor Positioning

Paired with an indoor positioning system, SPREO can provide additional benefits including blue-dot wayfinding and navigation, automated meeting room checkin and release, automated HVAC adjustments, and more.


To maximize efficiency across workplace categories, SPREO integrates with 3rd party platforms including resource booking and office connectivity systems (e.g. Office 365 and G Suite), facility management systems, HVAC systems, and indoor positioning/hardware providers.


With security measures in place such as database encryption, data segmentation, daily backups and crisis management, you can rest assured that any of your data stored or retrieved by SPREO’s system is highly secure and private.

Major Global Enterprise

A blue-chip, multinational corporation has successfully implemented SPREO’s smart office technology with the aim of improving efficiency, collaboration and workspace utilization amongst its workforce.

Large Corporate Headquarters

A large corporation moved its global headquarters from a suburban location to downtown Chicago, incorporating agile office solutions in their new workplace environment. By doing so, it joined several other suburban companies that have moved into urban city centers.

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