SPREO powers Mobile Solutions to simplify
Campus Navigation and Resource Management.

Indoor Positioning, Wayfinding, Workstation and
Conference-Room Reservation, Workspace Utilization
for Large Corporations

Digital workspaces, hot-desking, office-hoteling practices are trending up fast. To meet the demands of 21st-century digital workforce, facility managers in large corporations are finding it hard to find ways to improve resource utilization, and employee experience.

SPREO’s Indoor Positioning System (IPS) empowers corporate facility planners and co-workers with smarter ways to boost efficiency and productivity.

SPREO’s indoor positioning APIs and SDK enable mobile apps to automatically detect user location for enhanced wayfinding and precise occupancy in real-time.

SPREO’s developer-ready SDK containerizes enriched IPS feature-set for easy integration with any corporate productivity application.

SPREO’s location-based corporate solutions improve productivity and engagement by opening new ways for employees to connect and collaborate.

SPREO's 360-Degree Location Technology Provides:

  • Reliable and accurate indoor positioning
  • Mapping and self-guided turn-by-turn wayfinding
  • Location sharing to efficiently find resources and collaborate
  • Reserve workstations or meeting rooms, anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time view of occupancy and utilization of workspace resources
  • Location based communication, events triggering and notification based on employee’s location
  • Extensive API layer to easily integrate with any 3rd party tools for scheduling, reservation etc.
  • Real-time cloud-based management dashboard with extensive analytics
  • Best of breed security for protecting corporate and employee data
Mapping and self-guided turn-by-turn wayfinding
Location-Aware Technology

SPREO's Location-Aware Technology Improves Your Organization's Bottom Line:

  • Greater mobility and productivity
  • Reduced footprint, less real-estate and energy cost
  • Quicker creation of client or project specific work teams in close proximity
  • Flexible use of office space
  • Smarter navigation reduces time spent to reach meeting venues
  • Reduce employee attrition by boosting collaboration and satisfaction
  • Gain competitive edge as an innovative leader in the industry


Wayfinding and Navigation

Mapping and self-guided wayfinding with turn-by- turn directions for your employees, vendors and visitors.

Location Sharing

Locate colleagues on the map to meet them in person. This feature utilizes permission-based connections to connect and collaborate.

Dynamic Resource Booking

Reserve workstation or meeting room anywhere, anytime! View the occupancy and availability of the workspaces in real-time while on the go.

Multi-Screen, Multi-Touchpoint Display

Full feature-set supported in mobile devices, fixed digital displays and web interfaces. Interactive maps similar to Google “street-view” give enhanced locationing experience.

Indoor / Outdoor Transition

Positioning and wayfinding on large campuses seamlessly transition from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa.

Any Hardware

SPREO’s indoor navigation and mapping technology is hardware agnostic, interoperates with any beacon, access point, or gateway and supports both iOS and Android devices.

Zero Maintenance

Enjoy reliable installation, monitoring and maintenance 100% managed by SPREO’s highly experienced technical services team. Single contact point for rapid support and maintenance services.