Looking to offer mobile users
the best way to get to point B?

Digital Wayfinding & Mapping Engine

In large corporate campuses, shopping mall or big venues, it is frustrating when visitors struggle to reach where they need to be.

SPREO’s mobile and IoT-based wayfinding technology simplifies indoor navigation for better user experience and productivity.

Self-Service Interactive Digital Displays and Kiosks

Self-Service Interactive Digital Displays & Kiosks

  • Utilizing SPREO’s Cloud CMS, our kiosks provide an intuitive self-service touchscreen wayfinding experience
  • Digital Displays/Kiosks may be positioned throughout the venue as needed
  • Supports IOS and Android tablet-based Kiosks and most interactive digital displays


'Blue Dot' Indoor Positioning

Multi-sensor based accurate blue-dot positioning in venue maps.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation

GPS experience while navigating both indoor and outdoor campus premises.

Maps and Search

Display, manage and add points of interest (POIs) on the 3-D facility maps. Smart search using keywords and POI category.

Cloud CMS

Venue administrators can access and manage maps, directory content, keywords, analytics and push campaigns.

SPREO Indoor Positioning (SDK)

SPREO’s indoor positioning SDK containerizes all the features in software and easily integrates with mobile apps.

The SDK empowers venues and their app development teams to produce agile mobile apps with location-based services and complete step by step ‘blue dot’ indoor navigation system.

Variety of Integration Options

If you want a complete user interface and additional features, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you just need location data integrated into your product or app, we can do that too.

Depending on the Use Case, you can integrate the SDK for X/Y/Z Location OR X/Y/Z Location + Navigation Stack.

SPREO White-Label Mobile App

Looking for a Mobile App solution? SPREO’s white-label mobile solution is easy to brand and customize, and a surefire way to accelerate your time-to-market with full-stack indoor navigation and wayfinding features.

Whether you choose SDK or White-Label Mobile App solution, you’ll enjoy SPREO's Indoor GPS Advantage:

  • Integrated multi-touchpoint features supporting iOS and Android devices, fixed digital displays and web interface.
  • 3D Interactive Maps similar to Google “street-view” powered by centralized mapping engine architecture.
  • Hardware-agnostic indoor positioning software, seamlessly works with any beacons, IoT gateways and Wi-Fi infrastructure (“virtual beacons”).
  • Integration  with scheduling systems and enterprise tools
  • Security built-in across the software lifecycle.