Patients View Hospitals as Labyrinths…but they don’t have to

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As a patient/visitor rolls up to the gate of a hospital, the gargantuan structure stares down upon the patient/visitor. Is the hospital perhaps smirking deviously at the person? The patient can’t tell. As the patient walks through the doors, into the belly of the beast, the patient is confronted with endless identical corridors. Not knowing where to go, the patient looks to the signs on a door for some insight. Reading the signs, the patient sees:


The patient struggles to remember whether they are scheduled for a surgery after 10, before realizing that they aren’t even there for a surgery in the first place! The patient now thinks, ‘for God’s sake, how did I get trapped in this vast vortex of daunt, and how do I find my way through this terrifying labyrinth? Should I ask a staff member? I might be late, but I don’t want to interrupt someone; they all look busy. I’ll just keep walking for now, see where I end up…’

While the above anecdote may seem to be a bit exaggerated, the truth is, patients do in fact see hospitals as a labyrinth…but they don’t have to.  SPREO’s indoor mapping and location platform works to translate the hospital setting for patients and visitors. Either on a mobile or web platform, patients can familiarize themselves with the hospital and receive comprehensive directions to an appointment, and can also search for points of interest like the cafeteria, patient check-in, or a bathroom.  When patients find their destinations easily and promptly, hospitals find that patient-satisfaction also increases. Moreover, hospitals see the erosion of a major financial burden.

When patients are lost, money is lost. Every patient that is late for an appointment sends a delay through a staff member’s day from that point on.  For every minute a doctor spends waiting for a patient to arrive, is another minute that intrudes on the tasks that come after the appointment. Found in such a situation, the patient may ask for directions.

The loss in efficiency is multipronged. Another point that hurts the efficiency of a hospital’s staff is when patients ask for directions from a working staff member. A single instance may not prove to hurt the hospital very much, but what is seen from a collective patient constituency, is a substantial disruption inflicted on the staff. Unhinged from the difficulties brought upon by issues in wayfinding, revenue losses will decrease.

While facing revenue losses is important, the graver issue at hand may be the safety risks involved with lost patients.  Poor wayfinding can lead patients and visitors into restricted areas that can pose either a security problem, or worse, a health hazard (to themselves and others). Furthermore, depending on a patient’s circumstance, a delay can lead a patient to face a life-threatening situation. Lastly, the constituency within a hospital will need to know exactly where to go during crisis mode (emergency situations).

When patients and visitors within a hospital feel that they are lost within a labyrinth due to wayfinding deficiencies, they suffer, and so do the hospitals.  With the integration of SPREO’s location and mapping platform, the problems in wayfinding are treated so that hospitals can more efficiently treat their patients.

How Will Spreo’s Wayfinding Solution Integrate with Our Hospital App?

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SPREO’s mobile solution increases patient and visitors’ positive impressions of your hospital while decreasing stress and anxiety. It reduces staff interruptions while increasing on-time arrivals for appointments.

However, one of the questions we frequently hear from hospital executives involves concerns about how Spreo will integrate with their current hospital app.


We find that hospitals typically fall into one of three categories with regard to this question.

  1. They have an excellent, current, content-driven app that engages their patients and families.
  2. They have an app that was designed a couple of years ago and is already outdated and underutilized. They really need a new app but it is not in their budget.
  3. They do not have an app yet but are moving in this direction.


We will address all three situations here.

Already Have an Excellent App

The Spreo SDK integrates our software stack into existing apps to enable location-based features for our clients and their development agencies. This is a seamless process that causes no disruption to the existing app and is a powerful addition to what is offered.


Need a New App

For hospitals that have an outdated app, this is a way to solve both problems. Our comprehensive solution is not just a step-by-step, blue dot indoor navigation tool in your patient’s hands. It is also a powerful content management system (CMS), empowering your ability to develop content and create a current, customized, user-friendly app, improving the patient experience.


Do Not Have an App

Many of our clients know they need to offer an app to their patients and families and are in the planning stages. Our development team is extremely nimble and can accommodate and integrate your plans. This includes everything from patient education, patient portals, multiple campus information, nearby pharmacies, feedback, and links to your website and social media.

In summary, our indoor wayfinding solution is usually just one feature in our clients’ custom app. While we are happy to provide the simple navigation app, we can meet your needs, whatever they may be when it comes to your app.

SPREO Announces Release of Affordable, Rapid Deployment Mobile Wayfinding App for Healthcare

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SPREO mobile wayfinding app for hospitals
Quick Start iOS and Android app solves indoor GPS deficiencies with proprietary technology

NEW YORK, Mar. 2nd, 2017: SPREO Indoor Location Solutions has announced the launch of a rapid deployment mobile wayfinding app for health care systems and hospitals. It is priced to be the most cost effective mobile app available on the market, allowing rapid deployment and easy adoption for stressed healthcare systems. The QUICK START wayfinding mobile app can be implemented with minimal involvement and support from internal departments. Read More

SPREO award for indoor navigation app at Carmel Hospital for outstanding computing technology

SPREO Indoor Navigation App at Carmel Hospital Awarded the Top Prize in the Category of Outstanding Computing Technology Infrastructure

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The solution provides accurate, real-time indoor positioning and navigation in an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes Bluetooth Beacon (‘iBeacon’) technology.

Tel Aviv, Israel — January 08, 2015 — The event, which took place on Wednesday December 24 at Kiryat Airport, was attended by executives from leading industries in Israel, including healthcare services, town municipalities, banks, and the Israeli Defense Forces. The prestigious Israeli journal, People & Computers, sponsored the awards.

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SPREO to Provide Indoor Navigation and Location Based Services to Englewood Hospital & Medical Center

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We are proud to announce that Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in Englewood, New Jersey has selected SPREO to to implement indoor navigation and location based services.

The solution ensures that patients and visitors at Englewood Hospital will be able to navigate seamlessly through the large complex. Users will be able to search for their destinations in a variety of ways, including text input, voice search, QR code scanning and category-based browsing.  Users then receive step-by-step dynamic navigation with live positioning using visual, voice, and augmented reality modes to ensure they find their way.

SPREO provides indoor navigation and location based services for wayfinding for hospitals app at Englewood hospital

Carmel Medical Center, Clalit Health Services: You Have Reached Your Destination

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Carmel Medical Center: The first hospital in Israel to provide a step-by-step indoor navigation application

March 4, 2014 – Haifa, Israel — Navigation technology has entered the building. Carmel Hospital and Clalit Health Services have announced a cutting-edge technological development: an indoor turn-by-turn navigation and positioning system. The app, called WayfindR was developed by SPREO and M.L. Indoor Navigation Systems. Download the mobile app for Android and iOS, and your smartphone guides you from your home to the exact location of the emergency room, treatment room, cafeteria, ATM… any Point of Interest (POI) you seek.

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