Robust Mapping Engine &
Content Management System

World-Class Wayfinding and Productivity Solutions Run on SPREO’s
Cloud-Based CMS Technology

spreo cloud platform

SPREO's powerful, cloud-based Content Management System gives complete control over venue maps, points-of-interest, indoor and outdoor pathways, hardware management, and analytics.

Blue-Dot Positioning and Tracking

Nailing precise blue-dot positioning in indoor environments involves intricate techniques. SPREO abstracts out these intricacies to offer a truly agile and feature-rich SDK. SPREO’s patented indoor positioning technology uses beacons strategically placed throughout each floor to provide Blue Dot navigation, asset tracking, and context aware information.

Mapping Engine

Developer-ready indoor mapping engine includes pathways, user-defined routing, directories, place marks, and points of interests (POIs). SPREO’s geospatially accurate vector-based maps provides hi-fidelity experience to mobile users. Place marks on the indoor maps can be defined using SPREO’s CMS and/or via the API to improve the user experience in real-time.

Cloud-based Content Management

Facility administrators can use web-based SPREO CMS editor to customize and manage directories, pathways, points of interest, campaigns, push notifications, and geo-fenvce zones. Updates to content are auto-synced to SPREO powered apps and digital kiosks…. This eliminates the need to republish apps to Apple and Google app stores.

Blue-Dot Positioning and Tracking

System Management

Monitor current operational and power-radius status of every navigation beacon in each facility, IOT gateways, and connected digital displays. Get auto-notifications for hardware issues and “health” visualization of all facilities.

Proximity, Geo-fencing and Zone-Detection

SPREO’s zone-detection technology is highly rated in the industry and deployed across the globe. It can detect with 100% precision if a mobile device is IN ZONE or OUT OF ZONE to trigger proximity-based features and actions.

‘Any Platform’ Flexibility

SPREO beacon-agnostic software integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of sensors (Bluetooth beacons & Wi-Fi), IOT gateways, iOS and Android devices and digital displays.

Seamless Integration

Built-in APIs securely integrates with internal corporate productivity tools, Microsoft Exchange, Google Maps etc. to build 360-degree productivity solutions on a wide-range of mobility platforms.

SPREO’s Indoor Positioning SDK can be integrated with any industry application. It has been successfully deployed in Health, Retail, Corporate Offices, Entertainment, Transportation and more….