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SPREO indoor positioning software and centralized mapping engine empowers corporate facilities and mobile markets to harness the power of location technology.


Indoor Mapping Technology

SPREO’s geospatially accurate maps provides hi-fidelity, interactive experience to mobile users. Cloud-based centralized mapping engine eases administrative workload.

Digital Wayfinding

SPREO multi-screen, multi-touchpoint wayfinding runs on mobile devices and digital kiosks to provide people hassle-free wayfinding and indoor navigation experience.

Location Positioning

Hardware-agnostic software abstracts complex sensor and indoor positioning inputs to provide precise location in real-time. Works seamlessly with any beacon or Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Universal Integration

SPREO’s SDK provides seamless integration with identity providers, resource booking systems (RBS) and enterprise data sources.

SPREO transforms robust location technology into productive mobile experiences.

  • 3D Interactive Maps
  • Indoor GPS and Wayfinding 
  • Search & Go
  • Reserve Parking & Find My Car
  • Seamless Outdoor-Indoor transition
  • Points-of-Interest Directory
  • Location Sharing
  • Reservation and Booking
  • Centralized Mapping Engine
  • Multi-screen, Multi-touchpoint Architecture
  • Asset Tracking
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