Maps Import and Enhancement

Facility floor plans (e.g. CAD files) are uploaded to the system via SPREO’s CMS. In their original state, they are usually cluttered with information that is not essential for indoor navigation. SPREO redesigns the maps, stripping-out unnecessary information, while adding consistent and elegant color schemes that help view the relevant information for navigation and booking processes.

Points of Interest

Points of interest, such as meeting rooms, coffee stations, restrooms, etc. are added to the map through the web-based CMS. The CMS supports automated bulk upload or manual input of the POI information. Each POI is clearly marked on the map with the ability to view additional information and images.


The floor’s pathways are designed on the map. For the end user these pathways will be displayed as blue lines for indoor navigation, blue dot, and wayfinding.

Main Features

  • Single web-based management for all facilities and floors
  • Custom mapping design and enhancements (branded and clear maps)
  • POI (point of interest) management (manual + bulk import)
  • Pathway management for wayfinding and blue dot.
  • Supports indoor and outdoor mapping