Spreo’s Indoor Positioning Algorithms

Just like the GPS, the Indoor Positioning System (IPS) uses the smartphone sensors to establish the position of the device’s in the indoor environment.

SPREO has developed a proprietary  indoor positioning & navigation system that combines beacon (BLE) signal fingerprinting with motion sensing by sensor fusion, map constraints and connectivity graphs modeling pathways that can be walked.  These data sources are integrated to achieve the required accuracy using statistical models to determine a probabilistic position.

Spreo’s technology was built to adapt to all beacon types or or 3rd party location providers.

IPS Introduction from our CEO Avi Sacajiu

Main Features

  • Accurate real-time blue dot positioning
  • High-precision BLE based location algorithms
  • Seamless transition between multiple floors and building
  • Cloud-based CMS
  • SDK for IOS & Android
  • Seamless transitions from GPS outdoors to indoors.
  • Supports of mixed location technologies
  • Robust Integration via SDK calls, API’s and Webhooks
indoor location and workplace mapping technology

Real-time "Blue-dot" Location

The real-time position of the people or objects is presented on a map. The blue dot indicator tracks the movement of the subject, even when moving between different floors and buildings.

Optimize Costs by Mixing Technologies and Vendors

Reduce capital and operational costs by mixing multiple location technologies across the facility. For example, where accuracy is important, a more extensive BLE beacon solution can be placed; where accuracy is less important, wide-area WiFi routers will do the job. In addition, SPREO supports any hardware vendor and the ability to mix vendors within the same deployment, reducing costs even further.

web-based SPREO CMS system management

Seamless Maintenance and Management

SPREO offers a central cloud-based management console that allows ongoing management and maintenance of all the location devices across the facility. Including, the coverage area, the battery status of battery-based BLE devices, and more. Through this data, facility managers can optimize their maintenance efforts and make informed decisions regarding their next hardware purchases.

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