SPREO's Indoor Positioning System

Our adaptable Indoor Positioning System (IPS) delivers precise location of every connected device to an observed centralized system.

Indoor Positioning Mixing technologies
SPREO- Mixing techologies

Optimize Costs by Mixing Technologies and Vendors

Our technology supports all hardware vendors, and has the ability to mix vendors within the same deployment. The capacity to mix any combination of inputs provides clients the possibility to cultivate a personalized platform for their use case that fits with any already existing system.

One method of achieving indoor position is with SPREO proprietary trilateration algorithm in conjunction with BLE beacons and smart phones. SPREO can also attain location with the application of third party systems such as Mist, Centrak, and HID. SPREO can also use Kontact IO gateways and tags for asset tracking. Furthermore, SPREO continuously fine-tunes the deployment of our hardware in order to minimize upkeep and optimize costs for the client.

SPREO’s Indoor Positioning Algorithms

SPREO’s proprietary indoor positioning accurately and consistently tracks the indoor position of devices and assets. SPREO’s indoor positioning system utilizes any combination of Bluetooth beacons (BLE), Wi-Fi, and third party software in conjunction with our trilateration algorithm to deliver a platform through which SPREO’s clients provide their users Real Time Location Services (RTLS).

With SPREO’s indoor positioning system, clients can interpret a class of location-informed user analytics that are otherwise unavailable. The efficacy and flexibility of SPREO’s Indoor Positioning System has established SPREO as a leader within the (RTLS) industry.

indoor location and workplace mapping technology

Main Features

  • Accurate real-time blue dot positioning
  • High-precision BLE based indoor location algorithms
  • Seamless transition between multiple floors and building
  • Cloud-based CMS
  • SDK for IOS & Android
  • Seamless transitions from outdoor GPS to indoor GPS.
  • Supports of mixed location technologies
  • Robust Integration via SDK calls, API’s and Webhooks
  • Location-Informed user analytics

Real-time "Blue-dot" Location

Our indoor GPS system uses a blue dot indicator to visualize the real-time position of people or objects within a map. This blue dot indicator tracks the movement of the subject, even when moving between different floors and buildings.

"Other than SPREO, the others were unable to prove the ability to configure a very large space like a mall, to do it quickly and accurately, make it operationally stable and feasible, make it work for iPhone and Android, meet a number of other key requirements and most importantly enable a great consumer experience (no bouncing of the ‘Here I Am Dot,’ accurate floor switching, quick response if internet connection lost or spotty, etc)."
-Ivan Frank SVP of Marketing, The Taubman Company

IPS Introduction from our CEO Avi Sacajiu

web-based SPREO CMS system management

Seamless Maintenance and Management

SPREO offers a central cloud-based management structure that allows ongoing management and maintenance to every device’s location across a facility. Companies can then easily oversee/manage battery statuses of battery-based BLE devices, the coverage area, and more. With this data, facility managers can optimize their maintenance efforts and make informed decisions regarding their next hardware purchases.

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