Asset Tracking System for Industrial and Commercial Warehouses

SPREO Indoor Location Solutions offers indoor mobile positioning products for industrial and commercial warehouses.  SPREO’s suite of indoor positioning software technology and Cloud Platform features provides a unique integrated solution.

SPREO’s experience with deployment of reliable and scaleable Bluetooth indoor positioning systems stand up to the rigorous challenges of warehouses and distribution facilities.  SPREO provides weatherproof hardware, load- and stress-tested software, and turnkey custom deployment. We’ve learned that every venue has some unique physical characteristics (to a varying degree), and SPREO’s RF and IT engineers ensure universal positioning coverage across even the largest and most complex facilities.

Our solution integrates neatly with 3rd party analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms via standard APIs. Contact us to learn more.

Case Study

There are many valuable industrial applications for indoor location technology, including business intelligence insights like workforce optimization and asset tracking solutions. SPREO worked with a leading U.S. and multinational manufacturing and construction company and demonstrated a successful Proof of Solution. The objective was to optimize productivity and generate value-added business intelligence through the collection and application of live, concurrent location data tracking of approximately 25-40 employees in Caterpillar’s 1 Million Sq. Ft. distribution warehouse.

Caterpillar asset tracking system

Solution Deliverables:

  • Bluetooth indoor positioning system
  • Aisle level accuracy (1.5 meter)
  • Receive and transmit location data for each asset to the Cloud Platform
  • Display Data in Analytics Dashboard
  • Provide data sync to additional Analytics Platforms and Business Intelligence Applications
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon configuration and hardware management
  • Onsite installation

Business Intelligence Applications:

  • Determine walking distance per bundle
  • Determine equipment usage vs idle time
  • Asset tracking
  • Process flow
  • Heat maps
  • Area layout and design flaws
  • Identify more correct productivity targets
  • Rearrangement opportunities
  • Weight of products vs pace
  • Identify a pick time/walk time ratio to show health of facility

Features & Benefits

‘Blue Dot’ Indoor &
Campus Positioning

Live Navigation, Itinerary &
Route Planning

GeoFence Zones & Proximity for
Push Engagement & Analytics

Cloud Platform to Update and
Manage the System

Deployment Solutions for
Unique Arena/Stadium Challenges

Software Integration &
Professional Services

Amplify Visitor Experience,
Increase Visitor Satisfaction

Optimize Brand Engagement &
Event Attendance