From Concept to Reality. SPREO has you covered.

System Configuration, Installation, Validation, Training,
On-going Monitoring and Technical Support Services

SPREO’s goal is to support your vision from concept to reality.  With 360-degree onsite deployment, mapping services, content management, system integration and additional technical support, we help ensure that the entire implementation delivers the best outcome – from project configuration, installation, validation, training and on-going monitoring.

SPREO has extensive experience with large and complex installations worldwide.

SPREO’s location technology is provided as a fully supported service. Our domain experts are by your side to provide consultation, testing or integration support, anytime!

SPREO offers hardware, software and technical support, ensuring every component of the deployment is monitored and functional at all times.  Our support approach enables both immediate implementation and ongoing sustainability, and our managed technical support philosophy gives you a single contact point for rapid support and maintenance services. As a truly international company, we have 24-hour technical support and troubleshooting available.

Get SPREO’s esteemed support and service guarantee at every step… throughout your system lifecycle.

SDK Integration

  • SPREO provides extensive manuals, APIs, Code Samples, Documentation, and personal technical support from SPREO’s R&D.

Mapping Engine and Venue Maps

  • SPREO helps you upload venue maps to cloud-based content management system before onsite calibration.
  • SPREO’s location intelligence connects digital maps to digital RF and physical location data.
  • We create and manage facility maps, walkways and directions when necessary.

Beacon & Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Installation

  • Spreo provides customers with detailed hardware requirements and beacon deployment map plans.
  • We provide installation management services when necessary.

System Calibration

  • System Calibration is performed onsite while walking the facility pathways.
  • Quality assurance testing is performed to ensure coverage, accuracy and functionality.

System Integration

  • Evaluation of hardware, software and firmware requirements.
  • Solution design & presentation.
  • System configuration and data preparation (for cloud platform).
  • SDK integration to new or existing apps.
  • Technical support for developer community.
  • Extensive manuals, APIs, code samples, and documentation.

End-to-End Professional Services & Solutions

  • Technical evaluation, solution design and presentation.
  • Project management.
  • Onsite system installation with specialized indoor-positioning and floor-change Bluetooth RF calibration tools.
  • Physical to digital beacon mapping support.
web-based SPREO CMS system management

Our technical support services from implementation through maintenance lifecycle include:

  • Technical Needs Evaluation
  • System Configuration
  • Map Creation & Design
  • Systems Training
  • Data Preparation
  • Compliance Support

Our turnkey solution support includes:

  • Onsite Service Visits
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Software/SDK Integration
  • Custom Software Development
  • Onsite Implementation
  • Systems Integration