Indoor Location Based Hardware Solution

SPREO offers a complete hardware solution for variety of  indoor location based project. Whether its Beacons, Gateways, Mobile app or IoT Button , our solution is customized for each need of every project.

Smartphone –  iOS and  Android devices

Spreo’s software runs on any Android or iOS  smartphone devices equipped with a  Bluetooth Smart technology


Graphic of mobile indoor wayfinding app

Interactive Digital Displays & Kiosks-

Utilizing SPREO’s Cloud CMS, our kiosks provide an intuitive self-service touchscreen wayfinding experience. Digital Displays/Kiosks may be positioned throughout the venue as needed, its location is detected automatically. Our system supports iOS and Android tablet-based Kiosks and most interactive Digital Displays


BLE Beacons – (Bluetooth low energy)

Support most types of BLE beacons:

  • USB
  •  Outdoor/waterproof
  • Tag/Card/wearable  and more…



SPREO IoT Gateway-

SPREO’s unique Gateway solution utilizes generic Android devises equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity  (3G/4G optional)

These Android Devices are running spreo’s software that monitors the surrounding beacons and reports there status via the venue WiFi to Spreo’s cloud system.

The gateway can be access remotely and can push changes to a venue beacon


2nd Gen AWS IoT Buttons -

The AWS IoT Button is a WiFi connected programmable button based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware.

Button’s logic is coded in the cloud to configure button clicks to reserve or release a workstation or meeting rooms, count or track items, call or alert support , start or stop something, order services etc..

AWS IoT Buttons are fully integrated into SPREO’s cloud Eco-system


2nd Gen AWS IoT Button