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Location Sharing

Location sharing has become essential to saving time and energy. SPREO offers location sharing across multiple industries. One example is the modern flexible workspace.  As mobile workers want easy ways to navigate and share their location with their coworkers it is becoming a new important work tool for the modern employee. However to build such mobile solutions at scale demands a location technology that’s truly robust, fast and reliable.

SPREO’s advanced location-sharing solution enables mobile users to share their real-time location and to locate friends and colleagues in large venues and hot-desking workspaces. The SPREO-powered mobile app doesn’t stop just there. It also makes wayfinding to people and places of interest super easy. 

SPREO Location Sharing Solution makes Hot-desking and Office Collaboration Simpler and Effective.

SPREO Location Sharing Mobile Solution


Share My Location

Share your location with someone with one touch. Stop and resume sharing anytime.

Find My Friend

Locate friends or colleagues in the venue map, get turn- by-turn navigation to reach where they are.

Built-in Security

Permission-based connections, no tracking or storing of personal data. Securely share location only when you want and only with those you trust.

Accuracy at Zero Hardware Cost

SPREO location sharing provides accurate real-time location sharing using the same wayfinding infrastructure. No additional hardware needed.

SPREO Location Sharing SDK

SPREO’s SDK provides a full location sharing suite. The location sharing module enables
employees to see colleagues on the map and containerizes all features, including:

  • Share real-time location with colleagues and/or groups
  • View colleague’s location
  • Request a meet up
  • Navigate to colleague’s location and more….

Location sharing module utilizes permission-based connections. Each user decides when to share or request location, and with whom. This can be constantly enabled / disabled or be done on demand in real-time using a user-friendly interface. SPREO’s location-sharing module requires a profile definition per user or integration with a system that contains this information (e.g., ERP, CRM, MS Exchange…).

SPREO White-Label Mobile App

Looking for a Mobile App solution? SPREO’s white-label mobile solution is easy to brand and customize, and a surefire way to accelerate your time-to- market with full-stack location sharing features.

Whether you choose SDK or White-Label Mobile App solution, you’ll enjoy SPREO's Indoor GPS Advantage.