Interactive Chatbot for Indoor Navigation, Wayfinding & Resource Booking

  • Ask for any point of interest – “where is the restroom?”
  • Book any resource – “book a meeting room tomorrow at 10 am”
  • Get directions through text or on a map (web browser).

Make Visitors Feel Welcome

Visiting a campus or facility can be frustrating. Instead of asking people for directions, your visitors can simply text the Spreo’s Maps Chatbot on their mobile. No need to download an app or learn anything. Simply send a text and get instant directions and answers.

Get Things Done During a Conversation

Spreo’s Maps Chatbot can be integrated within popular team messaging and employee engagement applications, such as Slack, Facebook Workplace and more. Just mention Spreo within the conversation and tell it what to do. “Hi guys, group meeting tomorrow at 12 in meeting room. @spreo book the room.”