Wayfinding In Hospitals

Mobile Application & Digital Displays

The SPREO Mobile App

Our customized hospital indoor navigation app will guide patients and visitors from their home, through your facility to their desired destination and back to their car. The mobile app is complimented by smart, interactive, digital wayfinding kiosks along the way.

SPREO’s mobile app increases patient and visitors’ positive impressions of your hospital while decreasing stress and anxiety. It reduces staff interruptions while increasing on-time arrivals for appointments.

  • Provides easy to understand step-by-step directions and uses intuitive technology similar to GPS
  • Indoor and outdoor multi-campus navigation
  • Smart search by keywords: Departments, Medical Procedures, Point Of Interest, room numbers etc..
  • Offers “Save My Parking Spot” function
  • Mapping can be integrated with hospital appointment scheduling communications
  • apps can be specifically designed to meet separate needs of staff and visitors (specific routs and POI’s for staff only) 
  • Mobile solution is also available as an SDK (Software Development Kit )


SPREO’s Digital Display

SPREO’s interactive digital display bridges the wayfinding gap for visitors without  mobile devices. with 3D  representation, smart searches and directories, visitors can easily navigate through your campus.


 SPREO’s Cloud Management System

Our system provides a dashboard that makes it easy for facilities managers to manage directory content and post alerts on the app and digital displays, as desired.

  • The CMS system incorporates Geo-fences and location based notifications as well as an enterprise multi-building and campus mapping management system.
  • The robust CMS technology of SPREO includes analytics of routes, searches, dwell time, engagement and utilization.
  • SPREO provides a zone editor for Geo-fences and alert notification capabilities, a routing engine that controls pathways, construction zones, elevator access, handicap access and employee only routes.