SPREO Partner Program

SPREO works with channel partners to integrate and deploy indoor positioning systems and asset tracking solutions. Some of our partners include mobile and digital agencies, IT integrators and enterprise partners.

Partner Evaluation

Spreo works closely with potential partners to enable rapid evaluation and deployment of Spreo’s software products and solutions.

In general, partners receive the following products and services:

  • Spreo Certified Hardware – Numbers are based on project size and requirements
  • Project Sandbox setup on the Spreo Cloud Platform, including access to:
    • POI Directory
    • Beacon Management
    • Geofence Zone Management
    • Proximity Alert Management
    • Campaign Content Manager
  • System Deployment & Management Tools:
    • Beacon Placement App
    • Beacon Maintenance App
  • Demo App Access
  • iOS & Android SDK Documentation
  • Priority Email & Phone Support

Partner Program Benefits

Acquire, license and sell Spreo Products
Participate in Spreo lead generation programs
Use the Spreo logo and marketing materials
Access to Spreo emulation software, documentation and support

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