Any App, Any Mobile Platform.

SPREO Indoor Positioning SDK has everything a system
integrator needs to build world-class Mobile and IoT
solutions for Corporates and Large venues.

IPS technology is a hot-list item for large-scale mobile productivity solutions. Building IPS from scratch is way too costly and cumbersome.

SPREO’s indoor positioning SDK and cloud-based content management capabilities is what developers and system integrators need to deliver location based solutions cost-effectively…. Without worrying too much about the inherent intricacies of IPS technology.

In building your next mobile productivity solution

Take full advantage of SPREO’s world-class IPS and Proximity Toolkit.

SPREO’s SDK easily integrates with mobility platforms to provide feature-rich applications… and a common, user-friendly interface for employees and guests to interact with.

  • SPREO content editor allows easily customization of POIs and place marks.
  • BLE Beacons provides the network infrastructure for SPREO-powered app location awareness and location-based notifications.
developer-ready interface to plug-n-play

SPREO SDK provides a developer-ready interface to plug-n-play with wide range of enterprise tools and data sources.

  • Employee Login & Guess Access: Easy integration with active directory to provide authentication-based secured access to location features.
  • Wayfinding: Users can see building maps, get turn-by-turn directions, and search for points of interests.
  • Resource Booking Systems (RBS):  SPREO integration layer simplifies plugging-in RBS platforms for location-based resource booking.
  • Automatic Resource Management: Asset tracking features allow to track when a user walks in/out a room or when an asset becomes available.
  • Parking Garage: Enable location-based “find my car” and “find a parking spot” features.
  • Find a Colleague: Lookup colleague’s location or a list of colleagues nearest to your hot-desk location.
  • Third Party Enterprise Data Sources: If your platform has the data connector, SPREO SDK has the power to interact with wide variety of sensors and data sources.
  • Corporate Kiosks: Develop iOS and Android tablet applications to be placed at convenient locations through the building for wayfinding, to lookup maps, search POIs, and book a resource.
  • Proximity based Triggers: Design campaign notifications based on mobile user’s proximity to a specific beacon, even while the app is not running in the foreground.
  • Dashboard and Report Portal: Customization location analytics showing usage, top destinations, traffic flow and heat map data for pathways, geofence zones and more…
  • Expert Service and Quality Support: SPREO’s domain experts are by your side to provide consultation, testing or integration support, anytime!