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Location-based Alerts

Location Analytics

SPREO’s indoor location technology can be implemented in a wide variety of scenarios. Below are some  real world, use cases of Spreo’s proximity, Geofencing and location sharing techniques.

SPREO uses of GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger notifications, collect data or display content when a mobile device enters, leaves or dwells in a particular area.

One of the primary aspects of our technology is the integration of proximity BLE beacons into existing applications that can leverage location based context.

Use Case – Tabcorp – (TAH)

Zone Detection for bidding transactionsTapCorp-sm

Successfully launched a large scale BLE based mobile geo-location service for this major public gaming company. The installation involves thousand of beacons and a large number of venues, all sites are managed via a cloud based CMS dashboard.  Our system is trusted by the top gaming and lottery operators to securely validate bidding transactions and enhance player experience.

The regulator requires that gaming companies authenticate that users are located within approved wagering venue boundaries prior to accepting bets via a mobile device.  Spreo’s platform provides the means to verify that a mobile device is in a valid wagering area and gives the ‘Zone In” signal to allow their transaction.


  • Indoor/ Outdoor location – Utilizing BLE beacons, know with 100% certainty if a mobile device is IN ZONE our OUT OF ZONE
  • Requires custom configuration of beacon transmission, security protocols, physical placement, and calibration.
  • Ensures reliable, secure and accurate IN/OUT Zone Detection including advanced anti spoofing and ID rotation algorithms
  • Enables/Disables specific “IN ZONE ONLY” features from functioning within mobile apps (Ex. Wagering Zones)
  • The approach uses proximity of the user to beacons, and therefore does not require x/y/z location 0r Blue Dot.

Use Case – Proximity Marketing

Location-Based Alerts for Daytona International Speedway

Daytona-smSPREO works with The International Speedway Corporation and the Daytona International Speedway, one of the leading racetracks and sporting arena companies in the United States. A Proximity module is part of Spreo’s  mobile SDK offering.  As a visitor walks near a beacon, their phone can provide an offer or range of interactions such as points for staying for a specific event, a car promotion  or simply walking by a concession stand and getting a coupon for a hot dog.


  • Integration with 3rd party location based notification services
  • Alerts can be triggered by creating rules related to proximity to a single or select series of beacons.
  • Create cloud based rules within Spreo’s CMS for sending push notifications
  • Bulk upload option

Use Case – Tracking of Mobile Device

Location-Based Tracking of Golf Carts for Daytona International Speedway

SPREO initiated a new tracking system for The International Speedway Corporation. A Proximity and Tracking module was created so that Daytona can track its golf carts to comply with ADA, handicap standards. It was imperative that the Speedway knew, at all times, where its handicap service vehicles were located. The Spreo’s system tracks the Mobile devices and golf cart operators location, as well as recognizes on the CMS (dashboard) where each of the distinct beaconed golf carts are located on a map.  As a driver walks near a beaconed golf cart, their mobile device provides the backend CMS system with an exact location which is then pin pointed on the dashboards facility map.


  • Tracking software uploaded to any smart mobile device
  • Tracking vehicles saves the facility man hours of locating stray vehicles
  • Drivers can track and find carts quickly using their smart phones
  • Location overview of assets (golf carts) on the backend dashboard (CMS)
  • Alerts can be triggered by creating rules related to proximity to a single or select series of beacons/assets
  • CMS playback tracking allows clients to see where the vehicle has been between any set of date and time stamps