Wayfinding & Indoor Navigation App

SPREO’s indoor naviagation wayfinding technology allows people to move through your campuses and facilities with ease from parking to their desired destination. Spreo’s Cloud CMS enables venue administrators to access and manage maps, directory content, keywords, analytics and push campaigns.

White Label Mobile Navigation App

A ready-to-use branded app for any indoor location


‘Blue Dot’ Indoor Positioning

With SPREO Blue Dot functionality your visitor are able to see their live positioning and easily navigate through the campus

Indoor/Outdoor  Navigation

Step-by-step directions with a GPS experience for multi-campus navigation from your parking spot to the destination



Smart Search

Browse by keywords, category or point of interest

Point of Interest

Display, manage and add  points of interest (POIs) on the facility map [ i.e. ER, cafeteria, ATM’s etc.]

3-D maps

3-D representation of the campus lay out and your current location

Case Studies

Arkansas Children's Hospital

Carmel Medical Center, Clalit Health Services

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SPREO integrates our software stack into existing apps to enable location based features for our clients and their development agencies.

 SPREO provides varieties of software options depending on use cases:


  1. X/Y/Z Location
  2. X/Y/Z Location + Navigation Stack

If you want a complete user interface and additional features, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you just need location data integrated into your product or app, we can do that too.
The SDK empowers venues and their app development teams to design agile mobile apps with location-based services and complete step by step ‘blue dot’ indoor navigation system.

Digital Display

Self-Service Interactive Digital Displays & Kiosks

  • Utilizing SPREO’s Cloud CMS, our kiosks provide an intuitive self-service touchscreen wayfinding experience
  • Digital Displays/Kiosks may be positioned throughout the venue as needed, its location is detected automatically
  • Supports IOS and Android tablet-based Kiosks and most interactive digital displays
Woman using SPREO Kiosk at Arkansas Children's Hospital