Deployment & Monitoring

Spreo helps your team develop its vision from concept to reality.  With 360 degree onsite deployment, mapping services, content management and additional technical support, we help ensure that the entire implementation results in the best results for you – from project configuration, installation, validation, training and on-going monitoring.

Indoor Positioning System & Apple Core Location Deployment

  • Support for WiFi based Apple Indoor Positioning and Apple Venue Format maps
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons enable indoor positioning accuracy in all desired areas
  • RF fingerprinting and sensor fusion survey.
  • To ensure desired coverage, we order the number of BLE’s and choose WiFi access points and their placement
  • Years of experience in designing and installing indoor positioning systems for low and high accuracy
  • Specialized calibration and floor switch tools
  • Demonstrated success in diverse and challenging facilities
  • Efficient and cost-effective deployment without compromising coverage or performance


Load the Venue Maps

  • Venue maps are required to be uploaded to the SPREO content management system before onsite calibration.
  • SPREO technology connects the digital maps to digital RF and physical location data.
  • If necessary we create and manage facility maps, walkways and directions


Install the Beacons (optional)

  • Spreo provides customers with a detailed hardware requirements and beacon deployment map plans.
  • Spreo or customer team place beacons in the facility according to the provided plan.


Calibrate the System

  • System Calibration is performed onsite while walking the facility pathways.
  • Quality assurance testing is performed to ensure coverage, accuracy and functionality.

Beacon Monitoring Gateways

  • Requires internet access (Wifi or Cellular) .
  • Each such device should cover a radius of approx. 50 meters (or 150 ft)
  • 24×7 monitoring and reporting back to the CMS.
  • Triggers an email or text alarm If beacons are not transmitting ((eg, Beacon xyz at venue St Mary’s not transmitting)

Spreo’s location technology is provided as fully supported services. Spreo offers hardware,  software and technical support, ensuring that every component of the systems are monitored and functional at all times.  Our support approach enables both immediate implementation and ongoing sustainability, and our managed technical support philosophy gives you a single contact point for rapid support and maintenance services. As a truly international company, we have 24 hour technical support and troubleshooting available.

Our technical support services, from implementation through to ongoing maintenance include:

 Technical Needs Evaluation

System Configuration

Map Creation & Design

Systems Training

Data Preparation

Compliance Support

Professional Services

Based on the technical scope of work, we estimate professional services and engineering support resources required to implement the solution.

Spreo provides software development support, project management and turnkey onsite system installation such as:

Onsite Service Visits

Consulting Services

Software Integration Support

Custom Software Development

Onsite Implementation

Systems Integration