Mobile Wayfinding, Navigation and Location Based Interactive Maps for Resort & Casinos

Multi-campus, Multi-Building Resorts, Casinos and Theme Parks can be complex locations for visitors.  SPREO’s solution helps guests and visitors navigate from where they parked directly to their destinations in sprawling resort campuses.

SPREO’s software development kit and open API framework enables integration into new or existing resort mobile apps and interfaces with resort information systems.


Boost Visitor Satisfaction and Revenues

iOS and Android Mobile Application Software

  • Live ‘Blue-Dot’ Outdoor and Indoor Location with Interactive Maps
  • Dynamic, Step-By-Step Navigation (visual, text, and voice cues)
  • Multi-Point and Plan My day navigation
  • Location-Based Push Notifications Enablement
    • Geofence Zones
    • Proximity
  • Multiple Versions with different pathways and directory data (Staff vs Visitors)
  • Analytics
  • Cloud Platform to manage everything

Increase Visitor Engagement, Resort Branding and Visitor Experience

Self-Service Interactive Touchscreen Digital Displays and Tablets

Utilizing the interactive maps and directories found in SPREO’s Cloud Platform, the displays provide an intuitive self-service touchscreen experience on high-tech yet surprisingly affordable hardware.

The displays come in multiple shapes and sizes to fit every space and budget.

Easy to use directions

Each display features an easy to use touch screen interface that emulates the Android version of the mobile app. With just a few taps, a visitor can locate their destination on the map and view the complete step-by-step directions and approximate walking time to any location in the venue.

Integrated digital signage

Each kiosk includes full digital signage capability, so you can project and manage messages to promote your events, activities and offerings with branding.  If you choose, the digital signage can be used as an advertising medium to generate additional revenue from partners and nearby retail.

Case Study

Spreo is currently implementing a large resort in the Caribbean, please call us for details.