Spreo Cloud Platform

The Spreo Platform empowers administrators to access and manage: Maps, Directories, Content (Points of Interest), Hardware, Analytics and proximity  Campaigns. All saved changes are auto-synced to client apps and digital displays. The platform is hosted in the cloud and is also available as a local server.

Content Management System (CMS)

Mapping & Navigation

  • Upload and manage all venue & campus maps
  • Administrators can manage multiple facilities, bulk uploads and downloads.
  • The system can integrate with other data systems.

Directories & Points of Interest

  • Define points of interest and directory item
  • Smart keyword search

 Pathway Editor

  • Define and update navigation pathways in map-based editor
  • Define visitors, Staff, handicap, evacuation routes
  • Assign hours of operation

Geofence Zone Editor

  • GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based Geofencing
  • Create unlimited Geofence zones for triggering events

Campaign Management & Push Notification

  • Notifications & Alerts can be triggered by creating positioning rules related to Geofence Zones or Proximity rules to beacons.
  • Integration with 3rd party for location based services

Hardware Management

Fleet Management

  • See the current operational status of every beacon in the facility
  • Status of Connected digital displays
  • Auto-notifications for hardware issues
  • Provision, search, and view on the map all beacons

Location Analytics

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Data collected: X/Y/Z location, T (timestamp), and ID (anonymous User ID).
  • This data, in tandem with geofences, enables extensive analysis, reports, and analytics insights.

The dashboard includes:

  • Data summary table including: number of users, top destinations, top searches and daily average app usage
  • Traffic flow and heat map data from the walking paths of app users
  • Geofence zone reports such as specific areas and time-of-day
  • Customizable reporting available
  • Raw data export and querying available