Optimize Costs by Mixing Technologies and Vendors

Reduce capital and operational costs by mixing multiple location technologies across the facility. For example, where accuracy is important, a more extensive BLE beacon solution can be placed; where accuracy is less important, wide-area WiFi routers will do the job. In addition, Spreo supports any hardware vendor and the ability to mix vendors within the same deployment, reducing costs even further.

Seamless Maintenance and Management

Spreo offers a central cloud-based management console that allows ongoing management and maintenance of all the location devices across the facility. Including, the coverage area, the battery status of battery-based BLE devices, and more. Through this data, facility managers can optimize their maintenance efforts and make informed decisions regarding their next hardware purchases.

web-based SPREO CMS system management

Location Technologies


BlueTooth Beacons



Core Location

Smart Lighting

Main Features

  • High-precision Calman-based location algorithms
  • Cloud-based CMS – editable mapping
  • Supports mixing technologies in the same deployment
  • Web-based central maintenance
  • Wide-range of supported location technologies