Do you have the right technology
to better utilize workspace?

Workspace Efficiency

Reduced wasted space drastically lowers expenses. But with peak usage of 42%, fixed workspaces are no longer cost-effective. That’s why to build an agile solution you need location technology.

SPREO can help. As a major player in the indoor positioning industry, SPREO’s indoor location and mapping technology empowers mobile apps to determine specific locations of employees and assets. Employees can share their own location with colleagues, track personnel or equipment, reserve available workstations or meeting rooms, communicate and organize collaborative meetups with colleagues… and more… right from their mobile device!

indoor location and workplace mapping technology


Indoor/Outdoor Positioning

Reliable and accurate location detection for people and resources, both indoor and outdoor within large campuses.

Digital Maps and Wayfinding

Allows employees to easily locate and park their car or locate office space for the day.

Smart Lookup On-the-Go

View occupancy and utilization of the different workspace types.

Easily Integrates with RBS

Ability to reserve workstations or meeting rooms, anywhere, anytime.

SPREO Software Development Kit (SDK)

SPREO SDK easily integrates with any mobile application stack for building end-to-
end mobile workspace occupancy and utilization solution. The SDK provides an
extensive API layer for easy integration with 3rd party scheduling and reservation

Our Indoor Positioning SDK features:

  • Indoor and Outdoor location and navigation
  • Location sharing & tracking
  • Proximity Notifications
  • Workspace Location
  • Cloud ecosystem with real time dashboards and content management
  • Venue mapping and infrastructure installation
  • Data Analytics
  • Beacon Monitoring and deployment tools
Indoor Positioning SDK