SPREO.CO was founded by technology entrepreneurs Avi Sacajiu and Lior Meller. We started when the Innovation Department at Clalit, Israel’s largest health system, identified indoor location software as a major need and challenge within their network of hospitals. Clalit approached SPREO CTO Lior Meller, who previously helped developed one of the first cellular Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in the world.

SPREO uses Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and WiFi signal fingerprinting, inertial sensor fusion, map constraints and other data inputs to provide a complete, integrated platform for step-by-step indoor navigation, location sharing, location based marketing and analytics. SPREO technology features a proprietary indoor location algorithm with low latency and high accuracy.

SPREO works with large venues and agencies to integrate SPREO technology into consumer apps via SDK, and it serves as the foundation for beacon based indoor navigation services and applications for apps spanning many industries, including retail shopping centers, hospitals, manufacturing & warehouses, corporate offices, security, education, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and more.

Our name is inspired by the Spreo starling which flawlessly navigates across the globe during an annual migration that is one of the longest in the world.

SPREO is headquartered in New York City with R&D labs in Israel. To learn more please contact U.S.: 646.827.2769 | Israel: 972-54-3232370 | info@spreo.co

Meet Our CEO - Avi Sacajiu