Accurate Zone Detection and Proximity

Location Based Notifications, Events Triggering / Geofencing, Internal Communications & Advertisement based on Employee/Visitor Location

Geofencing, Proximity, and SPREO's Event Handling Engine

Maps have the potential to be segmented into different zones. These zones can take on many different shapes and sizes to fit specific needs. The incorporation of zones enables clients to trigger push notifications to their users, see which zone an asset or user is located in at any given moment, as well as provide the clients an extra layer of valuable location-based analytics and more.

Proximity Triggers:
Events can also be triggered when a user or asset is in predefined proximity to a blue-tooth or virtual beacon. Events can be:

  • Push notifications
  • Triggering in-app events
  • Meeting room check-in and hot-desking
  • etc.

For more detailed information on geofencing and proximity triggers visit SPREO’s doc site.

"Using cutting-edge beacon technology, Tabcorp is enabling its customers to play Keno mobile devices. The NSW regulatory body stipulates that players must be within the walls of a venue to play and this innovative technology allows venues to pinpoint a player location and disable the game play as soon as they step out of the venue."

- Byron Connolly (CIO) on SPREO technology in Tabcorp

Geofencing is fast changing from being a buzzword to a business need. However robust zone-detection and mobile-proximity solutions are not easy to implement.

SPREO’s zone-detection is a proven technology deployed across the globe. It can detect with 100% precision if a mobile device is IN ZONE or OUT OF ZONE to trigger appropriate features and actions.

SPREO’s location-aware SDK and mobile app powers valuable location analytics insights, geo-fence and proximity-based contextual notifications. SPREO cloud ecosystem includes the ability to add and define geo-fences in a map-based editor, design and configure location based push notification campaigns. Notification types are configurable. The default is to send a notification within the app, both when in use or in the background.



Ensures reliable, secure and accurate IN/OUT Zone Detection including advanced anti spoofing and ID rotation algorithms.

Location-based Alerts

Enables/Disables specific “IN ZONE ONLY” features from functioning within mobile apps, triggers location-based trigger notifications.

Precisely Sensor-driven

SPREO uses GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacon technology to create a virtual geographic boundary.

Location Analytics

Collect data or display content when a mobile device enters, leaves or dwells in a particular area.

Available On

Zone Detection Technology

Whether you choose SDK or White-Label Mobile App solution, you’ll enjoy SPREO's Indoor GPS Advantage:

  • Integrated multi-touchpoint features supporting iOS and Android devices, fixed digital displays and web interface.
  • 3D Interactive Maps similar to Google “street-view” powered by centralized Mapping Engine architecture.
  • Hardware-agnostic indoor positioning software not limited to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons alone, but seamlessly works with any beacons, IoT gateways and Wi-Fi infrastructure (“virtual beacons”).
  • Super easy administration with SPREO Editor and integrates easily with office reservation tools.
  • Security built in across the software lifecycle.