An important component within SPREO’s wayfinding and mapping platform is the “blue dot” indicator that exhibits the real-time position of a user within a facility. SPREO’s blue-dot accuracy and reliability has already been established as industry leading…and now, we have managed to upgrade our blue dot to have even greater precision and stability. In order to improve our blue dot experience, we have enhanced our SDK with advanced calculations to leverage more information provided from in-device sensors.

  • New dead reckoning calculations employs last-known location to assist in informing the current location
  • We utilize the accelerometer to determine when the user is in motion or standing still
  • We enhanced the use of the compass to assist navigation modes
  • We use the in-device altimeter with other device motions to assist in determining floor level changes
  • We improved our snap-to-path technology

Our ability to adapt to new and changing technologies upholds SPREO as the industry leader of indoor mapping and wayfinding.