Asset and Personnel Tracking

Locate and Navigate to Assets in Realtime

Locate and Manage Efficiently

The SPREO platform allows for easy visualization of assets on a map and also shows navigation paths to and from each asset. Our asset tracking technology allows you to improve asset utilization, improve efficiency and follow equipment workflows. SPREO location-based system allows users to locate and navigate in real-time to assets via desktop, tablet or mobile. SPREO APIs allow easy integration with Asset Tracking Systems (ATS)-ERP. Advanced Events Handling Engine provides geofence zones with alerts, rules and notifications.

SPREO Asset Tracking Location and Navigation
SPREO asset tracking mobile and navigation
  • Complete easy-to-read lists of navigable assets
  • Know the real-time location of each asset for efficient inventory management
  • Locate on a map all assets in real-time
  • Get analytics for all assets for smart planning
  • Available on Mobile, Web and Tablet
  • Geofence zone detection for PAR Levels to help with replenishing equipment


Par Levels Management of Inventory

Ability to track equipment and streamline asset management within appropriate time ranges.

Locate Equipment and Personnel

Knowing where your equipment and staff is keeps your departments streamlined and efficient. Understanding workflow and storage helps your bottom line.

Analytics and Metrics

User-friendly analytics dashboards allow users to track and understand how high-value physical assets and personnel are functioning.