Case Studies

Our clients use Spreo to solve some of their most interesting challenges

Our customers use Spreo in innovative ways...

…to increase control over operations while simultaneously improving their customers’ experience. Whether its indoor location technology, wayfinding and navigation, interactive mapping, or calendar and resource booking integration, Spreo helps companies organize dynamic motion and manage pedestrian flow in ways that enhance the customer experience. Read more about how our clients use Spreo to solve some of their most interesting challenges.

Corporate Headquarters

A large corporation has moved its global headquarters from a suburban location to downtown Chicago. By doing so, it will join several other suburban companies that have moved into urban city centers.

Major Global Enterprise

A blue-chip, multinational corporation has successfully implemented Spreo’s smart office technology with the aim of improving efficiency, collaboration and workspace utilization amongst its workforce.

Boston Scientific


Spreo provided an integrated indoor location based services (LBS) solution that includes Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) SMART™ beacons, Software Development Kit (SDK) integrations for Android and iOS mobile applications…

Arkansas Childrens' Hospital

Hospitals are stressful environments for patients and visitors. Struggling to navigate strange surroundings and complex facilities when anxious, scared or sick is frustrating, escalates patient stress and impacts staff productivity. The SPREO mobile navigation solution makes it easy…

Clalit Hospital

Integration with Mist, a third-party indoor location provider

SPREO Mist Integration Case Study