Corporate Campus Go Digital

With SPREO's indoor GPS and mapping platform, employees become more productive, visitors feel welcome, and real estate costs are optimized. Let your corporate campus use meeting room booking and office hoteling to become more efficient.

Employee Meeting Room and Office Hoteling App Integration

Connect employees to your campus by integrating SPREO with your employee/guest wayfinding and booking App. The SPREO platform adds features that are used on a daily basis, including:

  • Integration with RBS – Booking & Scheduling Systems
  • Office Hoteling & Hot Desking
  • Indoor GPS – Wayfinding and Navigation
  • Location Sharing & Collaboration
  • Location-based Notification & Alerts
  • Occupancy Analytics & Traffic Heatmaps

Occupancy Analytics

Facility Managers can use occupancy analytics to make informed decisions regarding the reorganization of existing spaces, optimization of unassigned workstations and planning expansions.

Anonymous Utilization Data
We collect data from multiple integration feeds, as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signals from individual mobile devices, IoT sensors and network data, to deliver robust occupancy analytics in one convenient dashboard.

Heat Maps and Reports
Heat map occupancy data is presented on a convenient easy to use dashboard, very easy generate data reports.

Resource Booking (RBS) & Hoteling

SPREO provides the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing Resource Booking Systems (RBS). We make it possible to view available meeting rooms and workstations on a map, book the resource, and navigate to it – all in one seamless and intuitive experience. Reducing wasted space drastically lowers expenses. Building an agile solution with location technology helps companies save time, energy, and money.

Meeting Room Booking
View the availability of meeting rooms on a map. Examine the meeting room details, and simply book it with just a single click. When the time arrives, navigate to the meeting room to get there right on time.

Workstation Booking, Hoteling, Hot Desking
Using SPREO’s hoteling feature, employees can view a list of workstations ordered by their proximity and/or view them on a map. A visual marker indicates whether the space is available or reserved. The reservation can be done remotely and in advance or on the spot. Navigating in real-time to the designated workstation can save considerable amount of time and therefore increases employee productivity.

Workspace Efficiency

The introduction of workstation hoteling/hotdesking has created space optimization opportunities for facility managers, eliminating the single employee-desk ratio. Employees can finally have the freedom to choose where and when they want to work in the office. Using SPREO’s occupancy analytics, facility managers can understand workstation booking and usage trends and make informed decisions regarding re-configuration of workstations (e.g. turning under-utilized workstations into huddle areas or meeting rooms).

As a main player in the indoor positioning industry, SPREO’s indoor location and mapping technology empowers mobile apps to determine specific locations of employees and assets. Employees can share their own location with colleagues, track personnel or equipment, reserve available workstations or meeting rooms, communicate and organize collaborative meetups with colleagues… and more… right from their mobile device!

Major Global Enterprise

A blue-chip, multinational corporation has successfully implemented SPREO’s smart office technology with the aim of improving efficiency, collaboration and workspace utilization amongst its workforce.

Large Corporate Headquarters

This summer a large corporation will move its global headquarters from a suburban location to downtown Chicago. By doing so, it will join several other suburban companies that have moved into urban city centers.

Mist Integration services provided by SPREO cloud/SDK for the client’s mobile App includes the following :

  1. Custom mapping and navigation solution on mobile app
  2. User restriction function for “premises only” authentication which utilizes low energy consumption of users location and provides system notification
  3. Employees mobile efficiency solution with custom logic/micro location such as : asks user to release previously booked meeting room, if not being used
  4. Server to server Mist integration and fast editing capabilities
  5. Indoor to outdoor location calibration via GPS signal reception
  6. Integration, geo coordinate translation and occupancy data for relevant third party apps (i.e. RBS, smart building solutions, parking)
  7. On-map occupancy notification, booking analytics and space utilization
  8. Geofence triggering mechanism allows application logic, based on user micro location
  9. Product customization and development support