Hoteling, Hot Desking, Space Occupancy, Interactive mapping and indoor positioning for the

Agile Workplace

SPREO’s solution enables employees to immediately visualize and understand their workplace environment. The system empowers employees to connect with the workplace in order to better connect with each other, to optimize efficiency, and to increase satisfaction.

Implemented in large campuses internationally and trusted by global leaders in technology, SPREO delivers a proven agile office solution for any corporate facility. SPREO’s technology is easy to implement,  integrates with other systems and solution providers, and is available for mobile devices, web browsers, and kiosks.


Hoteling and Hot-Desking

By displaying real-time occupancy of your spaces on an interactive map, employees can quickly and easily find an available workstation, claim it, and then navigate to it. Hoteling and hot-desking facilitates added productivity and satisfaction to your workplace.

SPREO’s system can also keep track of usage rates for every workstation. Based on this information, SPREO delivers occupancy and usage analytic reports.


Flexible Integration

  • SPREO’s software development kits for iOS and Android easily integrates into third party platforms


  • SPREO fuses into Citrix workstations as well.

Integrates with:

  • Resource booking and office connectivity platforms (e.g. Office 365 and G Suite),
  • Facility management systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Indoor-positioning / hardware providers

Platform Infrastructure

SPREO transposes raw floor plans into digital maps that overlay onto Google maps. Maps are then layered with a suite of functionalities (wayfinding, resource booking, hot-desking/hoteling, etc). 

In SPREO’s cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), Points-of-Interests (POIs), polygons, pathways, are added and edited seamlessly. With the cloud, edits and additions are instantly applied to all touch-points.

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Multinational IT Corporate Company

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