Location-Based Analytics

Visualize how your spaces are utilized with advanced location intelligence

Analytics Data Collection

SPREO’s platform has the ability to collect data from multiple integration feeds, as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signals from individual mobile devices, IoT sensors and network data, to deliver robust occupancy analytics in one convenient dashboard. SPREO’s platform displays analytics and heat maps in easy to understand visual tables. We merge the facility map, geofences and points-of-interest analytics to give facility managers important insights through the use of a Real Time Location System (RTLS).

For more detailed information on anayltics visit SPREO’s doc site.

Blue-Dot Positioning and Tracking

Occupancy Heat Maps and Reports

Heat map occupancy data is presented on an accessible dashboard that has the ability to generate data reports. Based on this data, facility managers can instantly understand how to optimize expenditures throughout a venue.

  • Real-time occupancy
  • Dwell times
  • Number of visits
  • Empty time
  • Routing and historical occupancy heatmaps
  • Custom reporting
  • SDK and web usage analytics

Understanding Room Utilization

The sizes and configurations of meeting rooms is one of the questions faced by facility managers as they organize/re-organized the office space. On one hand they need to facilitate large meetings, but on the other hand they may find that these large meeting rooms are mostly used to host small meetings with only a few attendees.

SPREO’s occupancy analytics adds real-life usage data to this decision process. Through its occupancy analytics and geo-fencing features, SPREO can show meeting rooms’ usage trends throughout the year and whether meetings that were booked have been actually realized.

Occupancy and Space Management

The introduction of workstation hoteling/hotdesking has created space optimization opportunities for facility managers, eliminating the single employee-desk ratio. Employees can finally have the freedom to choose where and when they want to work in the office. Using SPREO’s occupancy analytics, facility managers can understand workstation booking and usage trends and make informed decisions regarding re-configuration of workstations (e.g. turning under-utilized workstations into huddle areas or meeting rooms).