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Feature-rich mobile solutions for healthcare

Spreo’s robust mapping, wayfinding, and indoor positioning platform improves the satisfaction for both healthcare recipients and providers. Spreo’s technology delivers a leading experience that boasts a series of useful features.

Main Features

Wayfinding & Indoor Positioning

EHR, RTLS, and other Third-party Integrations

Cloud Content Management

Mobile App & Multiscreen Access

Hospital wayfinding and indoor positioning (IPS)

Spreo’s hardware-agnostic IPS platform is easily introduced into any hospital to provide users with a smooth wayfinding and location-based services (LBS) experience.

Blue dot location

Accurate blue-dot representation allows users to navigate in real-time while viewing their actual location anywhere on the campus

Campus and indoor mapping

We turn your existing map collateral or CAD drawings into a beautiful, user-friendly, interactive digital mapping experience

Indoor to outdoor

With the ability to leverage both indoor positioning technology as well as GPS, Spreo guides users between buildings and to parking areas

Location Sharing

Patients, staff and visitors can share their real-time location with family, friends and colleagues

Asset Tracking

Easily locate and navigate to assets such as infusion pumps and wheelchairs

Routing in complex campuses

Spreo’s proprietary routing algorithm delivers users the shortest route to their destination within seconds


Collect data to understand how your users utilize Spreo’s platform. Data can include app usage, number of visits, dwell times, navigations, etc

Step-by-step navigation

With turn by turn directions that include voice instructions, users can closely follow along their route from origin to destination

Points-of-interest (POIs)

Represented by icons on the map, users can engage with Spreo’s POIs to receive a host of information that includes descriptions, photos, hours of operation, contact information, and more

Google map experience

Our maps are integrated with the Google Maps experience, providing an instant familiarity with the interface and functionality

'Navigate from Home'

Users can navigate from off-campus locations to indoor destinations within the hospital


With the ‘Save My Parking’ feature, users can save their parking spot on the map to easily return to it later


Among other uses, hospitals can send notifications to users who have entered into zones that are defined in Spreo’s cloud-based content management system (CMS)

Third-party Integrations

Spreo’s integrated platform delivers a full service experience in which users can access all the information they need for their visit.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

Through interfaces with EHR systems such as Epic and Cerner, users can receive personalized appointment information, navigate to scheduled appointments and more. 

RTLS, Asset Tracking and Inventory Management Systems

Through integration with an RTLS, Asset Tracking or Inventory Management provider such as Centrak, Spreo can enhance your solution by adding real-time visualization of your assets on your indoor maps, making searching, locating and navigating to assets simple and intuitive, increasing your staffs’ efficiency.

Citrix Workplace Integration

With our integration with Citrix, the Spreo mapping functionalities that you use most are available right in the Citrix Workspace app – whether its finding and navigating to points-of-interest, locating physicians, or booking available meeting areas and desks directly from the map. Our Citrix Workplace integration makes implementation and launch quick and easy with no additional apps necessary.

Other third-party data integrations

Enhance the user experience with integration with other systems such as:

  • Transportation services
  • ER and urgent care wait times
  • Facility Management systems
  • Room booking systems
  • more

Cloud-based Content Management

Spreo’s CMS is a cloud-based engine that equips facilities with an interface to easily customize and manage map data in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • Point-of-interest (POI) management
  • Pathways and routing
  • Facility and campus maps
  • Geofence zones
  • Beacon management
  • Reports
  • more

Access Points

White label mobile application

For hospitals that do not currently have an application, Spreo can deliver a white label application for an all-encompassing turn-key solution.

SDK and UI Modules for your existing app

Spreo can work with your mobile app agency or IT department to easily integrate our mapping platform into your existing mobile application. Platforms we support:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Xamarin

Also available on

Web experience

Spreo’s mapping platform and static wayfinding can be accessed through a web browser URL or embedded into an existing page on your website.

Kiosk / Digital Displays

With our native or web SDKs, Spreo can enhance your digital kiosk solution with mapping and routing.