Intelligent Indoor Mapping

Through its web-based CMS, SPREO helps you create a pristine map of your facility that incorporates meta data such as points of interest and pathways.

Built-In Indoor Positioning System (IPS)

Maps Import and Enhancement

SPREO’s Indoor Mapping platform transforms your physical spaces into an interactive digital experience by incorporating contextual location and indoor positioning. Our Content Management System (CMS) provides customizable maps and multiple data layers to effectively tailor the user experience with Points-of-Interest (POI) management, geofencing, zone detection, indoor with outdoor routing pathways, map labels, and more. Our mapping platform also connects the physical to the digital word for integrations with other IoT systems such as HVAC, facility management, Resource Booking Systems (RBS), and so on.

Points of Interest

The SPREO content management system supports automated bulk uploads, or manual placement of points-of interest (POIs) as well as manual data inputs. Data that can be associated to a POIs include:

  • ID
  • Categories
  • Amenities
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Keywords
  • Descriptions
  • Web links
  • Images
  • Videos

Geofencing and Zone Detection

As an additional map layer, polygonal areas (zones), when combined with SPREO’s indoor location technology and events handling engine, can be defined for multiple use cases including:

  • Geofencing and zone detection
  • Occupancy and space utilization analytics
  • Push notifications
  • Triggering in-app events
  • Meeting room check-in and hot-desking
  • Displaying availability of meeting rooms
  • Asset tracking
  • etc.

Pathways and Routing

SPREO’s platform has the capability to differentiate routes for guests or employees. To do this, SPREO will add necessary constraints when generating a route that will account for any user’s security clearance. SPREO also has the ability to route handicapped users by avoiding stairs. Moreover, depending on the weather, SPREO can establish routes that minimize travel time outdoors.

SPREO gis pathways

Main Features

  • Single web-based management for all facilities and floors
  • Custom mapping design and enhancements (branded and clear maps)
  • POI (point of interest) management (manual + bulk import)
  • Pathway management for wayfinding and blue dot
  • Supports indoor and outdoor mapping