Maps Import and Enhancement

Facility floor plans (e.g. CAD files) are uploaded to the system via SPREO’s content management system (CMS). In their original CAD or architect drawing state, maps are usually cluttered with nonessential information for most use cases. SPREO’s redesigned and cleaned maps add consistent and elegant color schemes that help users view relevant information for navigation and location services.

Points of Interest

The SPREO content management system supports automated bulk upload or manual input of data and placement of points-of interest (POIs). An abundance of data can be associated to a POIs including:

  • ID
  • Categories
  • Amenities
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Keywords
  • Descriptions
  • Web links
  • Images
  • Videos

Geofencing and Zone Detection

As an additional map layer, polygonal areas (zones) can be defined so that, when combined with SPREO’s indoor location technology and events handling engine, can be used for multiple use cases including:

  • Geofencing and zone detection
  • Occupancy and space utilization analytics
  • Push notifications
  • Triggering in-app events
  • Meeting room check-in and hot-desking
  • Displaying availability of meeting rooms
  • Asset tracking
  • and more


Utilizing our simple and intuitive indoor and outdoor pathway editors,  you have complete control over how your users will get from A to B. You have control over:

  • indoor to outdoor transitions
  • floor switch points
  • visitor vs staff pathways and routing
  • and more

Main Features

  • Single web-based management for all facilities and floors
  • Custom mapping design and enhancements (branded and clear maps)
  • POI (point of interest) management (manual + bulk import)
  • Pathway management for wayfinding and blue dot
  • Supports indoor and outdoor mapping