Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding

Our wayfinding and navigation platform suits every use case by employing any combination of manual, on-demand, or real-time navigation and can be accessed on multiple devices including web, mobile, and more.

SPREO indoor Navigation and Wayfinding

Discover SPREO's Indoor Navigation System...

SPREO’s Indoor Navigation allows users instant familiarity for a venue that would otherwise seem foreign. With features such as the ‘Blue Dot’ Indoor Positioning, Turn-By-Turn Navigation, Maps, and Points of Interest (POIs), users confidently and efficiently reach their destinations. Concurrently, venue administrators can manage the content location based analytics.

For more detailed information on how this works visit SPREO’s doc site.

SPREO's 3 Approaches to Mobile Wayfinding & Navigation




Manual navigation and wayfinding requires the user’s manual input of their location on the map to receive wayfinding routes to points-of-interest. See the chart below for description.

On-Demand navigation and wayfinding produces needed location accuracy when triggered by the user. This system uses BLE beacons and/or any other third party IPS provider to acquire user location. See the chart below for description.

Real-Time navigation uses continuous location positioning and provides the user a real-time blue-dot experience. It utilizes BLE beacons and/or third-party IPS providers. See the chart below for description.

SPREO indoor wayfinding 3 types
SPREO gis pathways

Pathways and Routing

SPREO’s pathways within any large indoor facility can incorporate different constraints for the different types of users navigating through the facility. Facilities with varying security clearances, for example, will not route a user into areas that are off-limits for that user.

Additional Features

Indoor Mapping

Customizable Maps and Multiple Data Layers Similar to Google “Street-View”

Multiple Points of Access

Connecting to Physical Spaces Via Mobile, Web Interface or Kiosks on Both iOS and Android devices

POIs and Search

Display, Manage and Add Points Of Interest (POIs) on Facility Maps and Use Smart Search With Keywords and POI Categories

Intuitive Cloud CMS

Venue Administrators Can Access and Manage Maps, Directory Content, Keywords, Analytics and Push Campaigns

Hardware Agnostic

Hardware-agnostic indoor positioning software, seamlessly works with any beacons, IoT gateways and Wi-Fi infrastructure (“virtual beacons”)

Highly Integrative

Integration with Scheduling and Security Systems Using Enterprise Tools Built-in Across the Software Lifecycles

Available On

Web Browser

SDK / Mobile App



Wayfinding and Mapping