Indoor Positioning with SPREO

The “GPS of Indoors”


SPREO is an industry pioneer and innovator in the area of mobile indoor positioning systems ( IPS) since its early days

SPREO’s proprietary algorithm can utilize multiple infrastructure technologies such as Bluetooth  beacons, WiFi , GPS signals and other on-device sensors such as the accelerometer, altimeter and gyroscope. The solution includes device-side algorithm  integration, meaning that the user’s location is processed locally on the mobile device.

SPREO can leverage existing indoor location providers such as Mist or Apple Core Location, or Cisco DNA. We also have the ability to mix vendors within the same venue deployment.

Location Technologies


BlueTooth Beacons



Core Location

Smart Lighting

Main Features

  • Blue-dot indoor positioning
  • Proprietary BLE-based indoor location algorithms
  • Supports third-party location providers
  • Supports mixed location-technology deployments
  • Seamless wayfinding between floors and buildings
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor wayfinding
  • BLE beacon infrastructure dashboard
  • Location-informed user analytics

"Other than SPREO, the others were unable to prove the ability to configure a very large space like a mall, to do it quickly and accurately, make it operationally stable and feasible, make it work for iPhone and Android, meet a number of other key requirements and most importantly enable a great consumer experience (no bouncing of the ‘Here I Am Dot,’ accurate floor switching, quick response if internet connection lost or spotty, etc)."
-Ivan Frank SVP of Marketing, The Taubman Company

IPS Introduction from our CEO Avi Sacajiu

web-based SPREO CMS system management

BLE Beacons Maintenance and Management

SPREO offers a central cloud-based management structure that allows ongoing management and maintenance of our proprietary BLE beacon indoor positioning system infrastructure. Companies can then easily oversee and manage battery statuses, coverage areas, dead zones and more.