Real-Time Location Sharing

Location Sharing

SPREO offers a simple and secure location sharing feature that allows users to share their current indoor location with friends, colleagues or integrate with existing security systems.

Your users can utilize SPREO’s location sharing feature without concern for their privacy or safety – location sharing is completely anonymous and no personal data or location information is stored or shared with others. No directory system integration is necessary.

When a user shares their location, a secure link is provided to share with anyone via messaging mediums such as text, email, Facebook Messenger, etc. The receiving user opens the link to see their friend’s on-campus, indoor location and can choose to navigate to their location.

Direct integration with leading campus safety apps and solutions is available.


Share My Location

Share your location with friends and family, or send to security personnel.

Built-in Security

Completely anonymous sharing means your personal information is safe and secure.

Find My Friend

See you friend’s location, and navigate to where they are.


Location Sharing is obtainable with or without the installation of an indoor location infrastructure.