Location Sharing

Use Location Sharing to increase convenience for consumers, and optimize efficiency for employees.

Location Sharing

SPREO’s indoor location and mapping platform enables users to share their real-time location, locate friends, and navigate to colleagues in large venues and campuses. SPREO offers location sharing for multiple industries including corporate campuses, hospitals, warehouses, education, and more. With the potential to increase workflow, efficiency, and collaboration, location sharing is becoming an increasingly important tool for the modern work environment. SPREO’s solution is comprehensive, fast, and reliable.

For more detailed information on location sharing visit SPREO’s doc site.


A Safe and Secure User Experience

SPREO’s location sharing feature can be accessed on multiple devices including mobile applications, desktop and mobile web browsers and can be utilized even when no indoor positioning system (IPS) is installed. Our philosophy behind location sharing takes into account privacy and security concerns so that your users can feel comfortable and secure while using the feature knowing that they have full control of how and when they are sharing their location.

Users can choose with whom to share location by adding friends from a directory list of people within a facility. Location sharing has to be mutual – once two users have added each other from the directory list, only then can they can share location with each other. Users can also choose when to share location by activating the location sharing on-off toggle. The location on the map that friends or colleagues will see is completely under the user’s control – they can either select the location manually (when no IPS is installed) or “pin” their location on the map with the “update location” button – this prevents other users from tracking the user while he/she attends private meetings or when in the restroom, for example. Also, with a simple toggle, location sharing can be turned off completely. Further ensuring privacy and security, location sharing is disabled when outside of the facility or campus.

Simple and Intuitive


Search the directory for friends and coworkers

Add a Friend

Add or remove friends at any time

Disable and Enable

location sharing-on-off-toggel
View friends and turn on and off location sharing

Wayfind to Coworkers

See your friends on the map and navigate to them


Share My Location

Share your location with one touch. Stop and resume sharing anytime.

Built-in Security

Permission-based connections, no tracking or storing of personal data. Securely share location only when you want and only with those you trust.

Find My Friend

Locate friends or colleagues in the venue map, get turn- by-turn navigation to reach where they are.


Location Sharing is obtainable with or without the installation of an indoor location infrastructure.