Meet SPREO's Chatbot

Our Chatbot merges Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate a laborless user experience

Interactive Chatbot for Indoor Navigation, Wayfinding & Resource Booking

The SPREO Chatbot allows employees and visitors to access SPREO’s robust mapping engine data points including mapping, location, points of interest and navigation through an easy-to-use and dynamic natural language processing chat window.

In the video example, the user says “I need a meeting room with a projector that fits 5 people.” SPREO’s Chatbot will search the database (mapping, points-of-interest, location, distance, scheduling, etc) to find the room that meets the user’s criteria and can:

  • Display closest rooms that meet the user’s criteria and assist in selection
  • Reserve the meeting room
  • Schedule with the employee’s and invitees’ calendars
  • Display the venue map with navigation route
  • Activate step-by-step indoor navigation app upon request

All these steps involve:

  • Mapping platform
  • Indoor Location
  • NPL (Natural language processing) and AI (Artificial intelligence)

Using the SPREO chatbot to access our extensive mapping and wayfinding platform creates significant efficiency for your employees.

Put Your Visitors and Employees at Ease

Navigating a complex campus or facility can be frustrating. Instead of asking people for directions, users can simply text SPREO Chatbot on their mobile – no need to download an app or learn any software. Simply send a text and get instant directions and answers.

SPREO can interpret and direct conversations to efficiently and accurately book meeting rooms based on the user’s requirements, find directions to any point-of-interest, and to display maps relevant to the user’s needs.


Chatbot Integrations Improve Workplace Efficiency

SPREO’s Chatbot can be integrated with popular team messaging and employee engagement applications such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook and more.

Moreover, an integration with your resource booking or scheduling system can improve efficiency when searching, locating, and booking meeting rooms. Just mention SPREO within a conversation and tell it what to do: “Hi guys, group meeting tomorrow at 12 in Meeting Room C. @spreo book the room.”

SPREO connects Workplace by Facebook

We connect a ChatBot to the real physical work environment with seamless transition between engagement on the app and real-life indoor navigation, resource booking, mapping intelligence and more.

Seamless Integration

Through its ready-to-use integration, SPREO features additional functionality for Workplace by Facebook users with the SPREO chatbot assistant:

  • Scheduling systems (e.g. Outlook, Google G-Suite, etc.)
  • Resource booking systems
  • Facility management systems