Robust Integration for Your Enterprise Systems

SPREO Integrates with best-in-class services to create the optimal system for any environment.

Integration with any system, platform, and device

SPREO integrates with resource booking platforms, collaboration tools, smart-building technology, and Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) via SDK calls, web-hooks/APIs, and more. SPREO’s flexible integration adds efficiency to all markets.

SPREO Integration chart

Available Integrations

Scheduling Systems

Facility Management Systems

Employee Engagement / Collaboration

Resource Booking Systems

SPREO solution integrates with a wide range of enterprise tools and data sources

  • Employee Login & Guess Access: Easy integration with active directory to provide authentication-based secured access to location features.
  • Wayfinding: Users can see building maps, get turn-by-turn directions, and search for points of interest.
  • Resource Booking Systems (RBS):  SPREO integration layer simplifies plugging-in RBS platforms for location-based resource booking.
  • Automatic Resource Management: Asset tracking features allow to tracking when a user walks in/out a room or when an asset becomes available.
  • Parking Garage: Enable location-based “find my car” and “find a parking spot” features.
  • Find a Colleague: Lookup colleague’s location or a list of colleagues nearest to your hot-desk location.
  • Third Party Enterprise Data Sources: If your platform has the data connector, SPREO SDK has the power to interact with wide variety of sensors and data sources.
  • Corporate Kiosks: Develop iOS and Android tablet applications to be placed at convenient locations through the building for wayfinding, to look up maps, search POIs, and book a resource.
  • Proximity-based Triggers: Design campaign notifications based on mobile user’s proximity to a specific beacon, even while the app is not running in the foreground.
  • Dashboard and Report Portal: Customization location analytics showing usage, top destinations, traffic flow and heat map data for pathways, geofence zones and more…
  • Expert Service and Quality Support: SPREO’s domain experts are by your side to provide consultation, testing or integration support, anytime!

Mist Integration services provided by SPREO cloud/SDK for the client’s mobile App includes the following:

  1. Custom mapping and navigation solution on mobile app
  2. User restriction function for “premises only” authentication which utilizes low energy consumption of users location and provides system notification
  3. Employees mobile efficiency solution with custom logic/micro location such as : asks user to release previously booked meeting room, if not being used
  4. Server to server Mist integration and fast editing capabilities
  5. Indoor to outdoor location calibration via GPS signal reception
  6. Integration, geo coordinate translation and occupancy data for relevant third party apps (e.g. RBS, smart building solutions, parking)
  7. On-map occupancy notification, booking analytics and space utilization
  8. Geofence triggering mechanism allows application logic, based on user micro location
  9. Product customization and development support

Click here to see a large corporate use case with SPREO / Mist integration

Chatbot Integrations Improve Workplace Efficiency

SPREO’s Chatbot can be integrated with popular team messaging and employee engagement applications such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook and more. Moreover, an integration with your resource booking or scheduling system can improve efficiency when searching, locating, and booking meeting rooms.