Leverage Spreo's platform to advance your digital experience

Spreo's robust mapping system is built for performance

From installation to system launch, Spreo’s mapping and indoor positioning platform was built to provide a powerful, intuitive and feature-rich user experience for your staff, clients, and visitors.

Platform Components

Indoor Positioning (IPS)


Advanced Routing Algorithm

Third-party Integrations

Mobile App & Multiscreen Access

Indoor Positioning (IPS)

Spreo’s indoor positioning allows for flexible, efficient, and accurate indoor positioning:

  • Blue-dot indoor and outdoor location
  • Step-by-step navigation
  • Seamless outdoor to indoor transitioning
  • Smooth floor to floor transitioning
  • Wayfinding between multiple floors and buildings
  • Hardware-agnostic platform (supports third-party location providers)
  • BLE beacon infrastructure dashboard

“[Spreo proved] the ability to configure a very large space like a mall, to do it quickly and accurately, make it operationally stable and feasible, make it work for iPhone and Android, meet a number of other key requirements and most importantly enable a great consumer experience...”

Ivan FrankSVP of Marketing, The Taubman Company

Indoor location technologies


Bluetooth Beacons


Core Location

Mapping Engine

Spreo’s Mapping Engine transforms your physical spaces in an interactive digital experience and unlocks features such as multi-building, multi-floor wayfinding and navigation. Our Content Management System (CMS) gives clients the ability to add multiple layers of data that bring your map to life. 

Indoor and Campus Maps

Spreo converts CAD files or other file types of your floor plans into intuitive digital maps that are imported and used as the starting point to build your indoor mapping experience


Pathway segments are drawn onto the facility maps and are what comprise the routes that users receive when wayfinding. Pathway segments can be drawn indoors or outdoors

Google Maps

We overlay our maps onto a personalized and private Google Maps experience, providing a familiar interactive experience, but for indoors.

Points of interest (POIs)

Control what your users see, engage and navigate to with Spreo’s POI management system. Customize POIs with icons, descriptions, photos, videos, keywords, hours of operation, contact information, and more


Create geofences on your indoor maps to trigger in-app events and location-specific notifications

Advanced Routing Algorithm

Spreo’s proprietary modified 3DA* routing algorithm is capable of handling complex wayfinding requests in large, complex, multi-building, multi-floor campuses that contain multiple bridges between buildings and dozens of entrances, exits, and floor switch points (stairs, elevators, and escalators). In addition to providing the shortest route to the destination, ADA compliant routes can be generated which provide handicap users easy wayfinding between floors using only elevators and other handicap accessible routes. 

Third-party Integrations

Spreo integrates with best-in-class services to create the optimal system for any environment.

Available Integrations

Resource booking, occupancy, and scheduling systems

Facility Management Systems

EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Other third-party systems

Access Points

White label mobile application

For venues that do not currently have an application, Spreo can deliver a white label application for an all encompassing turn-key solution.

SDK and UI Modules for your existing app

Spreo can work with your mobile app agency or IT department to easily integrate our mapping platform into your existing mobile application. Platforms we support:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Xamarin

Also available on

Web experience

Spreo’s mapping platform and static wayfinding can be accessed through a web browser URL or embedded into an existing page on your website.

Kiosk / Digital Displays

With our native or web SDKs, Spreo can enhance your digital kiosk solution with mapping and routing.