SPREO Indoor Navigation App at Carmel Hospital Awarded the Top Prize in the Category of Outstanding Computing Technology Infrastructure

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SPREO award for indoor navigation app at Carmel Hospital for outstanding computing technology

The solution provides accurate, real-time indoor positioning and navigation in an easy-to-use mobile app that utilizes Bluetooth Beacon (‘iBeacon’) technology.

Tel Aviv, Israel — January 08, 2015 — The event, which took place on Wednesday December 24 at Kiryat Airport, was attended by executives from leading industries in Israel, including healthcare services, town municipalities, banks, and the Israeli Defense Forces. The prestigious Israeli journal, People & Computers, sponsored the awards.

Awards were given based on innovation within an industry – ensuring a better quality of service for the general public. This is the second award of 2014 bestowed upon SPREO’s app for Carmel Medical Center and Clalit Health Services. SPREO previously won an award for excellent in innovation for the indoor positioning and navigation solution.


SPREO equipped Carmel Medical Center with sophisticated indoor navigation featuresSDK software, reliable cloud-based services, administrative platforms and professional & engineering services. The turnkey solution that SPREO provided included on-site system installation, engineering, and white-label branded mobile app design and customization.

Avi Sacajiu, CEO of SPREO said, “SPREO is proud to accept the honor of this award, and we want to congratulate all of the other strong submissions in the competition. This award shows the value of innovation in indoor location based services. By providing patients, visitors and hospital staff at Carmel Hospital with a mobile app featuring interactive maps, directories and indoor navigation, we hope we’ve had a real impact on people’s lives.”

Avi Sacajiu continued, “I also want to thank Dr. Schwadron and her team at Clalit and Carmel for being an early adopter of our technology, sharing our vision and providing ongoing commitment to innovation in healthcare technology.”

Dr. Vered Schwadron, the Chief Service Innovation Officer for Clalit Health Services, which manages Carmel Hospital, said, “This award demonstrates Clalit’s ongoing commitment to innovation in health care. I want to also congratulate our partner SPREO for this award. This would not have been possible without their innovation in indoor positioning and navigation. We plan to continue to develop new ways to enable technology to improve health care experiences for patients, visitors, doctors and staff.”


SPREO uses Bluetooth (BLE) beacon and WiFi signal fingerprinting, inertial sensor fusion, map constraints and other data inputs to provide the first complete, integrated platform for accurate indoor location, step-by-step indoor navigation, location based marketing and analytics. SPREO technology features a proprietary indoor location algorithm with unrivaled sub-meter accuracy.

SPREO works with large venues and agencies to integrate SPREO technology into consumer apps via SDK, and it serves as the foundation for location based services and applications for apps spanning many industries, including retail shopping centers, hospitals, security, education, transportation, hospitality, entertainment and more.

To learn more, visit https://www.spreo.co.

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Representatives of SPREO and Clalit Hospital Accept the Top Prize in the Category of Outstanding Computing Technology Infrastructure.