SPREO is proud to be a part of McDonalds’ new state of the art Corporate HeadQuarters in Chicago. The Corporate Facility showcases sleek designs and innovative technologies. Among the high-tech features found within the facility is SPREO‚Äôs indoor mapping and wayfinding platform. In McDonalds’ HQ, SPREO integrates into the employee application to provide wayfinding, location through Mist hardware, occupancy analytics, mapping, and geofence capabilities. SPREO also integrates with their Resource Booking System as well as their HVAC system. SPREO’s involvement in McDonalds’ HQ works to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

SPREO CEO Avi Sacajiu stated, “When McDonalds made their plans for their new HQ, they wanted the facility to be trailblazing. This is why SPREO was brought in, and we are honored to be a part of it.”

To get a close look at the facility, check out the story published on CNBC’s website.

The story published on CNBC’s website.