Web Privacy Policy

Spreo, LLC is firmly committed to conserve the privacy of its application users including, but not limited to, patients, families, customers, clients, staff, the media, and others. We do not collect personally identifiable information about individuals, except when it is knowingly provided by such individuals. We do not distribute nor have personally identifiable information, for any purpose other than its intended use, i.e way-finding and indoor navigation.

Spreo, LLC expresses that privacy on the web, app and digital displays are critical, and we embolden the instructions that you take a responsible amount of time to read our privacy policy. We value your comprehensive understanding of our commitment and logic of collecting and using information.

We remain consistent in enhancing the security of our information systems and will remain in-progress to reduce or negate any unsolicited third party. Most functions are executed upon, verbal, official, formal/informal agreements.

Obtaining Information & Usage

We collect some basic App/Web log file data about the users/visitors. This information includes domain names, app and other softwares traffic patterns and server usage statistics, device information and location visits. This information is used for site management, administration and to improve the content and overall performance of our way finding experience.

Spreo, LLC makes every equitable endeavour to solidify the safety, security, and privacy of all transactions. All on-line & off-line information is sheltered and is accessible to authorized individuals only. The safety of passwords and administrative details must be secured with efforts by both parties.

“Cookies” and “Cache”

Cookies: Small and encrypted text files that stores on the user’s’ computer or device upon visits to websites, app, and etc. It is used to to accelerate the user experience and cater to the users’ preferences and personalization.

Cache: Information stored on your device such as your computer, phone, laptop, tablet, and etc., in order to make to allow content to be readily available upon next visit.

You are able to turn on, off or clear cookies and cache at will.

Third-Party Associations

Spreo, LLC may co-exist with third-party vendors for the success of the software. Alongside, Spreo, LLC may also act as vendor for other eligible software providers to incorporate their indoor navigation services (way-finding).

Email Services

Spreo, LLC uses email services to troubleshoot and provide customer success. Support tickets and inquiry email messages requires a response time of 3-5 business days and 24-48 hours for those qualified as urgent. Emails will be forwarded to the appropriate department and undergo the necessary protocols. We highly recommend that you refrain from enclosing sensitive, personal and/or irrelevant information pertaining to your inquiry.

Management of Information

Information, and content is stored in a cloud based server. This secures valuable content through emergencies, natural disasters, & etc. In other words, most your content is traceable, restorable and unharmed.

Usage of Information

Spreo, LLC uses analytic of usage, device, time, navigation, user habits and etc., to learn about the success of the solution and the industry within it. In no way do they pursue external business with information collected from the user’s behaviors obtained from the tool. We disagree with, and discourage any buying and selling of this information.

Disclosures may be appropriate to protect our legal rights and the security or integrity of our app and other softwares, or to avoid liability. We refer to these events as unique cases (i.e. if required by law).

We are not responsible for the privacy practices of apps/software and websites not owned by Spreo, LLC. We encourage you to be aware of the privacy statements of all associated vendors and comprehend their policies of managing your information.

Policy changes

Spreo, LLC reserves the right to change this policy from time to time, without advance notice. We will promptly post any changes to our privacy policy on all sites owned by Spreo, LLC.


You may request to remove or resent our policy by formally contacting us. If the laws, contract & formal or informal agreements permits we will be happy to help you through the process.


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