SPREO connects Workplace by Facebook to the real physical work environment, by offering resource booking, indoor navigation, mapping intelligence, and much more. The seamless transition between engagement on the app and in real-life promotes employee collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

Meet the SPREO Chatbot
Use natural language to interact with the SPREO Facebook chatbot assistant. You can ask about any point of interest in the campus/office, view it on the map, and navigate to it using real-time turn-by-turn navigation:

  • Nearby resources – e.g. “where is the nearest printer?”
  • Hot-desking/hoteling – e.g. “find available desk ”
  • Book a meeting room – e.g. “book a meeting for 5 people “
  • Book a workstation – e.g. “book a workstation near the UI team”.

An Integral Part of the Discussion

SPREO’s chatbot assistant can become an integral part of a group’s discussion. Whether it’s in a group post, chat, or even an event, SPREO is ready to assist at any time. Just mention or tag the SPREO chatbot within the conversation and request directions, or tell it what to do.

  • “Hi guys, group meeting tomorrow at 12 in meeting room. @spreo book the room.”
  • “@spreo reserve the east wing collaboration space for the product team, today from 03:00 to 05:00 PM”

Seamless Integrations

Through its ready-to-use integrations, Spreo feature additional functionality and make it available to Facebook for Workplace users through the Spreo chatbot assistant.

  • Scheduling systems (e.g. Outlook, Google G-Suite, etc.)
  • Resource booking systems
  • Facility management systems