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Top 3 Benefits when Implementing a Mapping Platform with your Hot-Desking system

By August 29, 2019 No Comments

In many corporate work environments, the office has evolved into what is called the “agile office.” Agile offices supply a variety of benefits that increase employee satisfaction, as well as improve efficiency. For one, workspace managers can easily incorporate an interactive mapping platform into their agile offices. with an interactive mapping platform employees can visualize workstations, meeting rooms, and see their availability in real time.

In this piece, we will be looking at the top 3 benefits for agile offices that implement a mapping platform alongside their RBS system.




  1. People feel more free and in control of themselves at work. When people control where they work within the office, they feel more in control of themselves. Employees also feel more empowered when they know that their employer trusts them to sit wherever they so choose (and without a cubicle).
  2. People collaborate More effectively. When employees choose where to work within the office, employees end up stationing themselves in areas where their work is optimized. In situations where colleagues are working on a collaborative project, employees end up working next to team members. When working on individual tasks, employees situate themselves in more secluded areas. The ability to move and be nimble allows collaborative projects to be done more efficiently and with an added sense of camaraderie (because people are within a close distance of each other).
  3. People Use analytics to Learn more about your workspace utilization. When companies institute a mapping platform coupled with a system of hot-desking and hotelling, workspace managers can observe analytics to improve workplace efficiency, to optimize HVAC, and to reduce corporate real estate costs.