Indoor GPS and Mapping Platform for College Campuses

Integrating a dynamic mapping platform, SPREO modernizes the college campus.

SPREO University-Campus Map wayfinding

Indoor Positioning and Wayfinding Solutions for Campuses

SPREO’s Indoor Mapping and Indoor Positioning System (IPS) platform is deployed in university campuses to improve the experience for students, guests, and staff. The platform is accessed through touch screen kiosks, web browsers, mobile apps, and chatbots. When implementing SPREO’s platform in college campuses, SPREO has the ability to integrate with systems like Ellucian, or any other software already in place.

SPREO’s platform helps in the complexities of managing multi-building college campuses. Facility managers can better understand how their facilities are being utilized, staff are not interrupted directional inquiries. Users will also have a better sense of where they are located, and can also more easily access facilities features such as restaurants, bathrooms, book stores, etc.

Ellucian Integration

The integration of SPREO’s mapping platform with Ellucian enables colleges to improve the experience for people on college campuses. Users can receive personalized information relevant to their appointments, classes, events, and more.

Through our integration we link course details screens to specific points-of-interest, so that a user can locate and navigate to the specific classrooms.

SPREO ellucian integration
SPREO-College Wayfinding and Location integration

Web Browser

The Web interface provides a setting in which users can digitally explore the college campus. The web browser features include:

  • Share your location
  • Points of interest search
  • Accessible on any device without installing an application.

And more…


  • Wayfinding and navigation (blue dot, manual, on demand)
  • Location sharing
  • Integration with higher education platforms such as Ellucian
  • Multiple touch points (Mobile app, Web browser, Kiosk and ChatBots)
  • Location based analytics
  • Single cloud-based content management for all facilities and floors
  • Custom mapping design and enhancements (branded and intuitive maps)
  • Points of interest (POI) management (manual + bulk import)
  • Pathway and routing management
  • Seamless indoor to outdoor experience