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SPREO’s Turnkey,¬†intuitive and interactive indoor mapping and wayfinding solution helps students and visitors navigate large and complex campuses with ease. Our platform is available with or without an indoor location infrastructure, and easily integrates with your internal systems allowing the visualization of practically any data on your campus map.

SPREO also interfaces with your software infrastructure systems such as Ellucian, Sakai, Blackboard, and more.

Introduce SPREO to your Campus App

SPREO’s feature set delivers an interactive mapping solution that visually centralizes campus elements onto a single interactive map.

Eliminate confusion for students, visitors, and staff as they travel through complex campuses to locate classes, events, available amenities (e.g. study spaces and desks), and more.

SPREO and Ellucian

Easy to implement

  • SPREO’s pre-built user interface and user experience makes adding mapping and indoor location to your Ellucian app simple and cost-effective

Find your classroom

  • SPREO infuses into Ellucian’s My Courses”¬†feature to enable students to navigate to classes directly from their course list

Navigate complex campuses

  • SPREO eliminates the difficulty of navigating around large and complex college campuses

On- and off-campus wayfinding

  • Users can navigate to spaces or points of interest (POIs) from anywhere on- or off- campus, and save their parking space on the map making it easy to return to it later

Location Sharing

  • We offer a simple and secure location sharing feature that allows users to share their current indoor-location with friends or colleagues. Our location sharing feature can also integrate with existing security systems

Platform Infrastructure

SPREO’s process begins with raw floor plans of your campus facilities, and ends with an intuitive, interactive user experience for your students. Our cloud-based content management system provides easy access to update and add points-of-interest and pathways, to monitor your wireless BlE Beacon infrastructure (when installed), as well as to analyze occupancy and usage analytics.

SPREO’s software development kits for iOS and Android can be easily integrated and customized for your branding and user experience needs by your app development team.

Integrations with scheduling or directory systems enable SPREO to visually present real-time information regarding the availability of study spaces, the availability of library computers, as well as wayfinding to offices, to specific departments, or to professors and other faculty members.

Additional Available Features

Location Sharing


Visualize availability of study spaces